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3D Platform does “more” with 2017 updates and the WorkBenchPro

US 3D printer manufacturers, 3D Platform has announced an update to their line of additive manufacturing systems.

The Illinois based company are giving their machine offerings a refresh with new extruder options and expansion with a new system. The WorkBenchPro has been added to their product line to offer more functionality and bigger build sizes.

Ahead of this announcement 3D Printing Industry spoke to Jonathan Schroeder, President of 3D Platform, as he discussed future trends in 3D printing.

The WorkBenchPro. Image via 3D Platform.
The WorkBenchPro. Image via 3D Platform.

What’s new

According to 3D Platform, the new system and extruders add more speed, more size, and more value. 3D Platform claims that, “the HFA and HFE extruders are the fastest filament extruders on the market.” While elsewhere, Swedish company Bondtech claim their BMG extruder has the best force to weight ratio on the market.

Speaking about this year’s product lineup, Jonathan Schroeder said,

In 2014 we introduced the 3DP 1000, establishing the large-format category. 3DP is now the trusted leader in the space, with the most installations of open-market, large-format 3D printers. Our new series of machines is a direct response to what our customers have asked for,

3D Platform's 2017 lineup. Image via 3D Platform.
3D Platform’s 2017 lineup. Image via 3D Platform.

Adding “more”

The WorkBenchPro has a build area of 1 m x 1 m x 0.7 m and 40% more build volume compared to its predecessor, the WorkBenchClassic, which means the large format FFF printer is now capable of even larger prints. The WorkBench line of 3D printers are recognisable for their built-in storage drawers which aim to increase productivity.

With the new extruders, 3D Platform believes printing speeds can be increased by up to 16 times. Also stating this does not decrease quality, the company says, “closed-loop control provides positional feedback every 1.25 microns, enabling fast and reliable printing.” The WorkBenchPro is capable of resolutions down to 50 microns and despite the bigger building sizes, the company has also managed to reduce energy consumption by 60% with a 50% lower running temperature.

Close-up of the new optional extruders. Image via 3D Platform.
Close-up of the new optional extruders. Image via 3D Platform.

Industrial 3D printing

The new series of additive manufacturing machines from 3D Platform hope to improve productivity in an industrial setting and we’ve seen a number of companies releasing new machines catered to industrial use recently.

WASP has similarly introduced a new line of additive manufacturing machines at a manufacturing conference in Parma. While 3D Systems, attempting to optimize dental work flow, has commercialized their Figure 4 system.

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Featured image shows 3D Platform’s HQ in Roscoe, Illinois. Photo via 3D Platform.