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3D file marketplace MyMiniFactory releases ‘3DPrinted & Delivered’ service

London-based 3D file marketplace, MyMiniFactory, has released a new 3D printing service for tabletop hobbyists still hesitant about committing to a 3D printer.

The 2013 start-up is doubling down on its services catering to designers, makers, and general enthusiasts by setting up a separate marketplace for physical miniatures alongside its digital STL file marketplace which hosts over 100,000 3D printable designs.

The move is expected to be popular among MyMiniFactory users that do not yet own their own printer but would still like to use 3D printed miniatures for their tabletop games.

MyMiniFactory 3DPrinted & Delivered miniatures. Photo via MyMiniFactory.
MyMiniFactory 3D Printed & Delivered miniatures. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

3D Printed & Delivered

The service, ‘3DPrinted & Delivered’, allows users to have their favorite 3D printable designs delivered right to their doorstep. The miniatures come professionally 3D printed and post-processed with the aid of Shop3D.io, an on-demand manufacturing tool for online e-commerce that makes digital files available in physical form through professional 3D printing and delivery. Shop3D.io allows individuals and small businesses interested in selling 3D printed objects to manufacture goods and take orders without having to store inventory. The collaboration between Shop3D.io and MyMiniFactory has made manufacturing and logistics of 3D printable files possible for indie designers.

The service currently provides a total of 40 miniature from 3D designers: ArtisanGuild, Printed Obsession and Armians, a trio of renowned indie designers in the tabletop community. Dozens of new miniatures are expected to be made available in the coming weeks as the platform grows and matures from its present beta stage, with full-colour 3D printed miniatures also in the pipeline.

3D Printing Industry's exclusive sneak-peek at 3DPrinted & Delivered full-colour miniatures. Image via MyMiniFactory.
3DPrinted & Delivered full-colour miniatures. Image via MyMiniFactory.

A marketplace for 3D creatives

MyMiniFactory set out with the goal of uniting 3D designers and makers on a platform that has grown significantly over the last few years. The company has seen its user base increase from 250k to 450k since the introduction of premium 3D printable files in June of 2018. Fans support their favorite designers with purchases and downloads of their guaranteed-printable 3D files.

The collaboration between MyMiniFactory and Shop3D.io stands to broaden their target market by catering not only to 3D printer owners but those who wish to purchase unique, professionally manufactured miniatures.

The start-up also provides a pledge manager service for popular designers who are interested in crowdfunding. Tiered rewards for pledges are organized through this service, facilitating access and distribution on behalf of the designers so they can focus on the creative aspect of their work.

Nebojsa Nikolic, COO of MyMiniFactory, told 3D Printing Industry, “The rapid growth of the tabletop gaming market is an exciting opportunity for 3D designers. As crowdfunding numbers continue to increase, we’ve witnessed a growing interest in running campaigns for STL files. Our pledge manager provides the infrastructure for the 3D printing community to earn more money and spend less time managing their crowdfunding pledges.”

MyMiniFactory has previously launched a customizer tool for 3D printable miniatures, adding to the list of services at the disposal of its community. They also host regular design competitions for their users to take part in, emphasizing their focus on providing an inclusive platform for 3D designers, 3D makers and 3D enthusiasts to share, collaborate and experience the best 3D printable content.

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Featured image shows MyMiniFactory 3D Printed & Delivered miniatures. Photo via MyMiniFactory.