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Zortrax Cracks Top 25 Polish Best Industrial Designs

best_polish_design_3d printerRecently, the Institute of Industrial Design in Poland compiled a list of the 25 Best Polish Industrial Designs. In recognition of the direction taken by the company, Zortrax emerged on the list. Those familiar with the company and its recent success would not be surprised by the accolade. The catalogue placement compliments the brand as it continues to take steps to set a high standard in production.

Zortrax established its brand with the M200 3D printer and have made some acute business moves since their initial splash. Widely successful on Kickstarter, Zortax raised nearly $180,000 for their campaign. The attention and quality of product complete with ABS materials led to a Top 15 Print Quality Rating on 3DHubs. In an effort to push forward, Zortrax garnered some top tier talent.

zortrax_m200 3d printer

One of the big names to join Zortrax innovation is Pawel Czyzewski. After working on projects for Bugatti and Mazda, Zortrax snatched the designer and author of the Lamborghini Resonare project in order to develop projects for the coming year. Pawel will be joined by Karim Rashid known in Time magazine as the “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas.”

With their new talent and successful track record raising funds and producing quality products, Zortrax looks optimistically to the future. They have every right to do so, and if their path continues, it will simply lead to ever greater, higher-quality 3D printers. In the end, that is what we all want.