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A New 3D Printer Store in Holland As ZMorph Continues To Expand

ZMorph has just opened a new 3D Printing Showroom in Holland with a special opening ceremony. ZMorph is an expanding producer of multifunctional desktop 3D printers – with extruders for broad material apps such as plastics, ceramics, chocolate and cake, and add-on tooling solutions such as milling, engraving and laser cutting. The company continues with a rapid business expansion plan on the back of ongoing commercial success and the new retail store, located in Haarlem, Netherlands (home to the company’s exclusive European distributor Multi 3D Print BV) is further evidence of that.

Przemek Jaworski, CEO at ZMorph, explained: “We want our showroom to be all visitors-friendly, full of life at a fast pace of 3D printing and attract the attention of not only fans of this type of products, but additionally of all creative designers dreaming about printing their projects in 3D technology. We do hope that it will soon become a kind of experience’s laboratory for all who appreciate modern design, advanced technology and latest printing trends.”

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The company is keen to articulate the strategic logic of its decision to open a showroom in Holland. ZMorph considers the city of Haarlem to be the best possible location for their 3D printing showroom given the city’s vibrant prosumer 3D printing scene. The company also states that most of their products are being sold in Western Europe, thus the new showroom has become a necessity with its proximity to key markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Mr. Jaworski emphasises that the new facility will also function as a distribution centre to those markets.

Haarlem is indeed a centre of prosumer printing in Europe, home to the MAKE Haarlem 3D Makers Zone, founded by initiators such as service bureaus  3DMakersmagic, the municipality of Haarlem, Industry Kring Haarlem, and MKB Haarlem with an aim for start-ups, educational and research institutions to participate and collaborate with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Various companies and communities have emerged in the city forging a vibrant 3D printing scene. The city already hosts a 3D Printer Store in the form of 3DSVP, winner at the 2014 Haarlem Business Awards.

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Picture from local newspaper Haarlems Dagblad

In June this year ZMorph won the Grand Prix prize at the 3D Printer Experience trade fair, held annually in Haarlem. ZMorph says that: “Haarlem is not only the production centre but also the scientific hub, which hospitably hosts a wide variety of workshops, meetings, exhibitions and conferences. ZMorph intends to have a permanent place in this landscape, and its showroom will not only be a store with innovative 3D printers, but will also shortly become an important centre for exchanging different ideas, opinions and experiencing of new technologies, a place of modelling workshops, artistic exhibitions of various products made in 3D technology, a meeting place of local designers, lovers of modern technology and design.”

Visitors to the opening ceremony of the ZMorph 3D Printer Showroom discovered the latest models of ZMorph’s 3D printers, printing out 3D printed samples, learning about the capabilities of the new version of Voxelizer – the company’s 3D printing software – as well as have the opportunity to talk with experts, receive free consultation, and exchange opinions with experienced designers.