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XYZprinting set to launch MfgPro236 xS SLS 3D printer at Formnext – technical specifications and pricing

XYZprinting, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of polymer 3D printers, is set to launch its latest high-temperature SLS system at Formnext 2021.

Originally debuted at Rapid TCT in September, the new MfgPro236 xS is backed by materials company BASF Forward AM and is intended to strengthen the company’s industrial-grade offering. The printer is a successor to the previously launched MfgPro230 xS, and is aimed at on-demand manufacturers and research institutions seeking demanding applications in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

The news comes as XYZprinting strengthens its strategic partnership with BASF Forward AM, a materials alliance that started earlier this year.

Fernando Hernandez, Managing Director EMEA at XYZprinting, said, “Our collaboration with BASF Forward AM is the essential link to enable more 3D printing solutions for different commercial applications. XYZprinting offers a wide range of technologies, and now, thanks to BASF Forward AM’s unique range of advanced polymers, we are creating value at a much more competitive cost. We are confident that our innovative 3D printers combined with premium materials are taking this technology to the next level of excellence.”

The MfgPro236 xS 3D printer. Photo via XYZprinting.
The MfgPro236 xS 3D printer. Photo via XYZprinting.

Polymer 3D printing with XYZprinting

Founded in 2013, XYZprinting is backed by one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturing conglomerates, New Kinpo Group. The firm has spent almost a decade building a name for itself in the polymer 3D printing space, and now offers a wide variety of 3D printers covering technologies such as FDM, DLP, and SLS.

The company’s FFF range includes the easy-to-use PartPro300 xT and the higher performance PartPro200 xTCS, which features a build volume of 185 x 185 x 150mm. XYZprinting also has a packed-out DLP printer range, featuring the PartPro120 xP and smaller-scale PartPro100 xP, with a maximum build volume of just 64 x 40 x 120mm.

Finally, XYZprinting’s powder-based range is the platform of choice for applications requiring large, high-performance parts. This includes the MfgPro230 xS (SLS) and PartPro350 xBC (binder jetting).

Polymer SLS parts 3D printed by XYZprinting. Photo via XYZprinting.
Polymer SLS parts 3D printed by XYZprinting. Photo via XYZprinting.

The MfgPro236 xS

XYZprinting markets the MfgPro236 xS as the firm’s ‘most powerful, efficient, and affordable’ SLS 3D printer yet. The system sports a hearty build volume of 230 x 230 x 250mmm and is equipped with a powerful 60W CO2 laser. With layer thicknesses down to just 0.06mm and build rates of up to 22mm/hour, the MfgPro236 xS aims to combine both speed and precision for industrial-grade SLS users.

One very noteworthy feature of the 3D printer is its extensive material capabilities. Owing to the materials partnership with BASF Forward AM, MfgPro236 xS users will be able to leverage an extensive portfolio of polymer powder options, including PA6, PA11, PA12, PA11-CF, PP, TPU, and more. The system also boasts an open materials platform, meaning third-party powders are also viable.

In order to enable higher-temperature engineering materials, the printer offers an internal gas control system with four independent heaters for thermal field control, allowing for the enclosed sintering chamber to reach up to 220°C.

On the software side, the MfgPro236 xS comes with the XYZware SLS slicer and supports STL, 3MF, and XYZ file formats.

Francois Minec, Managing Director of BASF 3D Printing Solutions, concludes, “We look forward to expand our partnership with XYZprinting. By combining the high-performance materials of BASF Forward AM and XYZprinting’s expertise in comprehensive 3D printing solutions we support our customers in realizing their industrial applications with Additive Manufacturing.”

MfgPro236 xS parts printed using Ultrasint® PA11 carbon fiber and Ultrasint® PA6 Mineral Filled powders. Photo via XYZprinting.
MfgPro236 xS parts printed using Ultrasint® PA11 carbon fiber and Ultrasint® PA6 Mineral Filled powders. Photo via XYZprinting.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the XYZprinting MfgPro236 xS. The 3D printer is set to launch at Formnext 2021 between 16-19 November (12.1 – C51) and will begin shipping in Q1 2022.

Build volume230 x 230 x 250mm
Laser60W CO2
Layer thickness0.06 – 0.3mm
Build speedUp to 22mm/hour
Build chamber temperatureUp to 220°C
Dimensions1480 x 850 x 2040mm

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Featured image shows the MfgPro236 xS 3D printer. Photo via XYZprinting.