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Xiaomi entering the 3D printing market?

Images of a 3D printer with Xiaomi’s branding appear to have been leaked. The news was broken by GizmoChina and it seems to show that the Chinese tech-giant may be about to enter the 3D printing market. The images seem to show a device which looks like a 3D printer with the company’s famous ‘mi’ branding.

Leaked Image of what seems to be Xiaomi's 3D printer. Image via GizmoChina.
Leaked Image of what seems to be the ‘mi’ 3D printer. Image via GizmoChina.

There has been no confirmation from Xiaomi as of yet, meaning talk of the printer is all but speculation thus far. However, the images do point towards the arrival of a 3D printer produced by the Chinese brand. Speculating on the images, the printer seems to be quite simple in design with the outline of a delta type 3D printer visible through the hazy material covering what could be the build chamber. In the context of Xiaomi’s other products it would be expected that the exploration into 3D printing will bring both competitive and affordable prices.

Another leaked image of the Xiaomi device. Image via GizmoChina.
Another leaked image of the ‘3D printer’. Image via GizmoChina.

The internet is rife with speculation regarding the images and there is bound to be an announcement from Xiaomi in the near future, any further updates to follow. In the meantime stay up to date with the latest news coming from Formnext.

Featured image Xiaomi ‘mi’ logo.