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Wolfprint 3D raise further $500,000 bringing 3D scanning to life

Estonia’s Wolfprint 3D are “on a mission to bring humanity into VR.” Founded in 2014 the company have just announced a successful financing round where over half a million dollars was raised using crowdfunding platform, Seedinvest.

As we previously reported, Wolfprint 3D are the makers of the Luna 3D scanning pod. This egg-shaped booth can capture a digital representation of a user which can then be used to create a 3D model. So far the company have scanned over five thousand people and the resulting avatars are used in VR environments.

Wolfprint 3D physical characters. Image via Wolfprint 3D / Vimeo.
Wolfprint 3D physical characters. Image via Wolfprint 3D / Vimeo.

A global network of 3D scanning pods

Company co-founder and CEO Timmu Tõke, moved to Los Angeles earlier this year and has plans to install the Luna pods in public spaces such as airports, shopping malls and other locations where the technology can be easily accessed.

Tõke says that a major flaw in VR is that, “your friend is a random generic avatar” this means that current VR experiences are “anything but authentic.

Rainer Selvert, CTO and co-founder, says that, “currently 3D scanning is expensive, it can cost more than $400 to make a high quality 3D scan.” Often 3D scans require further work to refine the model before they usable. Wolfprint 3D say their low maintenance and easy to use scanning booth will dramatically bring down the cost of scanning, and reduce the amount of post-scan retouching.

3D Scanning database growing at 70% per month

Each scanning unit costs, “about $8,000” according to the CEO who estimates that annual revenue per booth will be in the region of $50,000. A forecast for the total market for VR/AR values the sector at $120 billion in 2020.

Wolfprint 3D value their enterprise at $4.5 million and are planning to build a global network of scanning booths. The pods will also serve as vending machines and users will be able to purchase a 3D representation of themselves. Wolfprint 3D have so far built 4 pods, 3 of which are currently deployed. The company’s database of scans is growing at approximately 70% per month they claim.

Wolfprint 3D slide from investor presentation. Image via Seedinvest.
Wolfprint 3D slide from investor presentation. Image via Seedinvest.

Big name partnerships

The ambitious company has already signed a deal with a leader in U.S. photo booth industry and has partnerships with Paramount and Nike.

Does Wolfprint 3D sound like one of the most innovative companies in the 3D scanning industry? Or perhaps Scan the World, a cultural heritage project focused on making art available to all has caught your attention. Let us know and make a nomination in the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards using the link here.

Featured image shows the Wolfprint 3D Luna 3D scanning pod. Photo via Wolfprint 3D.