Winners of Sinterit and MyMiniFactory 3D design competition announced

The winning design from Sinterit and MyMiniFactory’s 3D design competition has been announced, with the victor receiving a Sinterit LISA desktop SLS 3D printer, worth $7000.

Design Brief

The challenge was to design a 3D object which could be 3D printed using SLS technology. The designs needed to be fit the build volume constraints of the Sinterit LISA, which are 90 x 100 x 120mm.

Designs had to take full advantage of SLS 3D printing’s capabilities. These include the ability to print moving parts, freedom of form, and durability.

The competition saw 415 submissions overall into the competition’s three categories, “Mechanical,” “Math Art,” and “Jewelry.”

The runners up

Distinctions for the competition go to Jeremy Webb for his Functional Windup Clock, Morgan Morey for the Black Widow Gauntlet and Bertan Atamer for his Printable Flexible Wallet.

MyMiniFactory commended these as “outstanding projects” and stated, “in terms of technical complexity, it was the most advanced competition in MyMiniFactory history.”

The Functional Windup Clock by Jeremy Webb, a runner up design. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

And the winner is…

MyMiniFactory has awarded the first prize to 3D designer Bartus, for his “Barrel Padlock” design. Explaining the choice, MyMiniFactory stated, “Bartus not only designed a beautiful, functional and fully working mechanism, but also proved himself to be knowledgeable about SLS printing possibilities.”

Paweł Szczurek, Sinterit Co-founder, was pleased with the record number of participants, and stated, “I wholeheartedly congratulate Bartus for winning LISA and wish him a lot of fun designing and printing breathtaking models.”

“We know that with SLS technology designers can really empower their creation, which is not possible with other technologies,” Szczurek continued. “Despite the complexity, the models printed are durable and precise.”

The Barrel Padlock by Bartus, the winning design. Photo via MyMiniFactory.
The Barrel Padlock by Bartus, the winning design. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

Featured image shows the Sinterit LISA, which is the competition’s first prize. Photo via Sinterit.

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