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Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer now available at a lower price

The Sinterit Lisa was the first affordable desktop SLS 3D printer. Initially launched in 2015 – after a lengthy period of R&D – the Lisa is now available at a lower price.

The price of a ready to go Sinterit Lisa 3D printer starts at $6990 in the U.S. and €4990 in Europe. This makes the 3D printer the most affordable SLS 3D printer on the market.

A 3D print from the Sinterit Lisa.
A 3D print from the Sinterit Lisa.

The reduction in price is the result of extensive work focused on “optimising the technological solutions, modifying the distribution system and launching online sales” explains the company.

When I caught up with Sinterit co-founder Konrad Głowacki earlier this year at RAPID he took me through some of the improvements to the Sinterit 3D printing approach. One important element of this is the software – and together with Autodesk’s Duann Scott – Głowacki took me through how Autodesk’s Nettfabb software gives “Sinterit users access to industrial grade optimization for the SLS process, at the part, build packing and parameter level to ensure professional results from the desktop SLS 3D Printer. This combination of affordable, professional software and hardware will open up the use cases for polymer additive manufacturing.”

Autodesk's Duann Scott at RAPID TCT 2017. Photo by Michael Petch.
Autodesk’s Duann Scott at RAPID TCT 2017. Photo by Michael Petch.

Industrial quality 3D prints for a range of applications

The Lisa has proved popular with a range of users. One group is universities who are looking to offer SLS 3D printing to their students. The Lisa’s low price – when compared to other machines based on SLS technology – means that it is more accessible to a much wider group. Students can become familiar with the not only the principles of design, but also gain practical hands on experience.

The Lisa is also in use at universities working on R&D around the development of SLS 3D printing.

3D printing with SLS on the Sinterit Lisa.
3D printing with SLS on the Sinterit Lisa.

Other applications include functional prototypes, which benefit from the improvement in surface finish due to possibility to build in a support free environment. Whereas FDM/FFF requires post processing to remove support material, which can leave marks, the Lisa 3D prints do not suffer this limitation.

As demonstrated in the photo below, the Lisa can 3D print movable and complex parts in a single piece. This makes freedom of form available to creators working with the 3D printer.

A 3D printed spring made on the Sinterit Lisa. Photo by Michael Petch
A 3D printed spring made on the Sinterit Lisa. Photo by Michael Petch.

Sinterit says that, “Today, the upgraded Lisa can be found in numerous design studios and offices ensuring a high quality of 3D print.” The company are particular proud of the fact that Sinterit is making advanced technology accessible to small and medium organisations.

Sinterit are also changing their sales model, with the Lisa now available directly from the company. The new online shop can be accessed here.

Sinterit will be demonstrating the Lisa at next week’s TCT show in Birmingham. Visitor to hall 3, stand F31 to see more of the capabilities of the low cost desktop 3D printer. Sinterit will also be at Formnext from 14th to 17th November in Frankfurt.

Featured image shows the Sinterit Lisa in an engineers office.