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Win a Job with ELLE, $750 in Jewelry, and a 3D Printer!

You really have to hand it to Pinshape for their creative contests!  They’re back with a new one, and it’s a doozy.


Pinshape is teaming up with no less than ELLE for a jewelry design contest!  I love seeing contests that reward people with recognition for their creativity in design.  Collaborating with a magazine as popular as ELLE will only further people’s awareness of 3D design and 3D printing.  I’m excited to see the results.

According to the CEO of Pinshape, Lucas Matheson, “We connected with Jared Leshin, Marketing Director at ELLE Time & Jewelry, a few months back and put this contest together. What’s exciting is that they’re planning to mass manufacture the winning designs and market them through traditional channels. This is a perfect example of how companies are using platforms like Pinshape to innovate.
We’re really excited about this opportunity, primarily because it further validates the need and interest from big brands to use platforms like Pinshape to source talent and new ideas. We’re going to see more of this.”

Jared Leshin said of the collaboration, “ELLE strives to make fashion accessible and to enable every woman to express her personal style. By welcoming the forward-thinking Pinshape community to propose designs, we hope to get a fresh take relevant to today’s woman.”

Here are the details:

You can win up to $750 in jewelry and actually land a jewelry designer job interview from ELLE Jewelry, which is great if you are looking to take that kind of step in your career.  But that’s not all.  In addition to the $750 and a video/phone interveiw, the first place winner will receive a Kudo3D Titan DLP printer worth $3000 and capable of printing intricate, castable objects.  The second place winner will also receive $750 worth of jewelry and an interview with ELLE.  And, even if you come in third, you’ll still get to interview with ELLE. If you win, your design could also become part of ELLE’s line of jewelry, which will be sold as a sterling silver product around the globe.  Pretty exciting for jewelry designers!

The contest closes on the last second of April 15th, so get moving!


  • Should be a ring, necklace pendant or bracelet
  • Shouldn’t include a stone in the design
  • Should fit in with the style of ELLE’s current line of jewelry
  • ELLE is a brand that makes fashion accessible and speaks to feminine, positive and self-confident women, so design accordingly!

Creativity and inspiration move in a feedback loop to and from designers and their creations.  ELLE jewelry designs reflect the passion and creativity of their designers, and for Pinshape to bring them into the fold of 3D design and 3D printing aesthetics and possibilities is an exciting partnership that will surely yield some impressive results, a few happy winners, and a whole lot of attention to makers and designers in the 3D space.

According to Pinshape’s blog post, designs for the contest will be judged on the following:


  • Design: overall quality, novelty, innovation, ease of printing
  • Marketability: price to produce
  • Presentation: detailed description (what it is, backstory, what inspired it), high quality pictures, tags

If you are kicking yourself for not getting started on your designs earlier, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time.  There no fee to enter, and if you win, don’t worry about shipping costs, unless they are over $300.

To see more details, check out Pinshape’s blog post, and good luck!