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What is Shapeways Up To?

Shapeways has announced an “amazing opportunity” for NYC based designers and artists. Trouble is, they’re being all mysterious about it and have not released any details other than that it’s: “a major project we are working on that will give you an opportunity to work in an incredibly inspiring environment where you will have access to the latest software and 3D printers, expose your work to the public including the option to sell your designs on site or through Shapeways online sales.”

With it being based in the city, one assumes it is a mystery that will bring people together physically. At the moment the company is seeking to gauge interest. There is form that can be filled in to do just this. But a good many individuals, in and around New York City and further a field, seem very positive, if the comments section of Shapeways’ blog is anything to go by. Duann seems to be trying to channel them to the form invariably.

The big reveal will come in the next few months, apparently.

Source: Shapeways