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WATCH: BCN3D’s vast 3D printing farm

BCN3D Technologies, the Barcelona-based open-source 3D printer manufacturer and developer of Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) technology, has released a video of its print farm. Using 63 BCN3D 3D printers the print farm operates around the clock. 

BCN3D designs and manufactures desktop 3D printers, the BCN3D Sigma, and the BCN3D Sigmax. Each 3D printer has 47 pieces manufactured using additive manufacturing at the BCN3D Print Farm. 

IDEX technology

To optimize the fabrication of these printed parts, BCN3D uses its IDEX technology, which the company says doubles printer production capacity compared to conventional desktop 3D printers.

Most dual extrusion desktop 3D printers have both toolheads in the same carriage, however BCN3D printers can control both toolheads independently. This allows working with both toolheads simultaneously in duplication and mirror mode, doubling the production capacity.

Conventional dual extrusion vs IDEX. Image via BCN3D.

The pieces fabricated in the BCN3D Print Farm are made of PET-G, which offers excellent mechanical properties and can withstand high operating temperatures.

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Featured image shows the BCN3D Print farm. Photo via BCN3D.