Watch the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards live with Make Anything

On Thursday the winners of the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards will be announced.

We’re making a few final preparations to welcome the people and enterprises leading our industry at our gala event where the 3D printed trophy designed by Sruthi Venkatesh will be presented.

Sruthi Venkatest 3D Printing Industry Awards 2018 trophy winning competition entry.
Sruthi Venkatest 3D Printing Industry Awards 2018 trophy winning competition entry.

Voting is up by 35% on the 2017 awards. The data gathered on real world applications, leading innovations and the state of additive manufacturing in 2018 makes fascinating reading – we plan to publish some of the trends and insights.

This year, representatives from over 60 companies will join us in London. We’ve booked a bigger venue, but even with the extra capacity we still can’t fit everyone in. We wanted to make sure everyone who took the time to nominate, vote and take part in the largest survey of the 3D printing industry was able to share in the event night also.

So, we invited one of the leading 3D printing YouTubers to help us live stream this year’s event.

Devin Montes is the host of the Make Anything channel. He says. “The general goal of my channel is to teach people to be design-oriented problem solvers. I focus almost exclusively on 3D printing because I think it is the most powerful and engaging tool to enable anyone to become a designer and start building the world around them. I deal with a wide variety of problems big and small (and often downright silly) to demonstrate that it’s possible to design a solution with a bit of ingenuity and a 3D printer. I also love to push the limits of what consumer printers can do to inspire creative thinking and introduce 3D printing to people who may have never seen it firsthand.”

With over 30 million views, Devin has helped a significant amount of people enter the world of 3D printing.

Watch the livestream of the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards on the Make Anything YouTube channel here.

Also, follow the awards using the hashtag #3DPIAwards.

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