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VERASHAPE launches Open Innovation Program for VSHAPER 5-axis 3D printing

VERASHAPE, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Poland, has launched an open innovation program.

The VSHAPER was launched at formnext 2017, extending the range of 3D printers already available from the company. VERASHAPE is now seeking to work with enterprises interested in the development and implementation of 5-axis 3D Printing technology.

Tomasz Szymański, the founder and CEO of VERASHAPE said, “The conceptual work on the 5-Axis Machine continues, but we have decided to present its effects so that potential customers are included in the technology development process. We strive for the machine, that will become available to purchase in 2019, to meet the expectations of demanding production companies.”

Features of the FFF/FDM 3D printer include, indexed 5-AXIS printing, described by the company as, “enhancing the conventional layer-by-layer printing method to transfer the print plane to another surface that was printed earlier.” Another feature of the VSHAPER is simultaneous 5-AXIS 3D printing, this technique moves away from, “conventional layer-by-layer printing method and allows creating spatial models on a three-dimensional surface, by using all the machine axes simultaneously,” explained Marek Kantowski, R&D Lead Engineer from VERASHAPE.

The VSHAPER 5-Axis 3D printer has a cylinder shaped workspace of 300 mm in diameter and a 300 mm height. The 3D printer is also equipped with a tool store allowing the use of multiple heads in one printing process.

CEO Szymański, said, “As part of the VSHAPER Open Innovation program, we will do our absolute best to make sure that the R&D work we conduct on the 5-axis machine supporting additive manufacturing are beneficial to specific recipients of this innovative technology. Companies interested in the implementation of 5D Printing technology, as they are a reality today, have a direct and real impact on the functionality of the machine, which will eventually help their production processes”

More information about the VSHAPER 5-Axis 3D printer is available here.

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