Upgrade to full color 3d printing with the ColorPod

The ColorPod is a novel device that extents a regular 3D printer with the capability of printing full color 3D models. The unit prints full color 3D objects by dispensing powder and colored liquid droplets. It creates a model in a heap of powder on the build plate. It can be used with most popular 3D printers. The ColorPod comes with fully functional PC software supporting both STL and OBJ 3D model files. For larger models, the software creates a support wall around the actual model. Aad van der Geest invented this process back in 1992. The patent pending ColorPod makes this technology available for owners of popular filament (FDM) based 3D printers. In its simplest form the ColorPod is just a printed circuit board and two motors. All other parts can be printed with a regular FDM 3D printer. The unit works with widely available inkjet cartridges from Hewlett Packard. Future versions of the ColorPod may also do selective laser sintering. Combined with a 3D scanner the ColorPod can be used to make full color 3D selfies. Various manufacturers of FDM printers have shown interest in providing the ColorPod with their 3D printer. A limited number of ColorPods is now available for testers in the Netherlands and for powder developers. Worldwide sales starts by the end of this year.

More information at http://www.spitstec.nl/colorpod
Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvCc4RlzXJc
More pictures at http://www.vouwbad.nl/podpictures