3DP Applications

Ultimarker — Augmented Reality Converges with 3D Printing

Two of the most radical technological developments of the past few years, that have both seen increasing accessibility and applications, are 3D printing and augmented reality. On 3DPI we have reported on certain applications, here and here, where the two technologies cross over. However, Ultimarker is a new project from Dutch new media artist Sander Veenhof  that directly combines these two technologies.

The premise is that while these two techniques share a similar vision — they are also opposites. Augmented reality is instant and infinitely customizable while 3D printing takes time and the output is static. However, Veenhof, who studied computer science at the VU university in Amsterdam, works at the cross section of these domains, using his technical knowledge and intuition to explore the impact of emerging technologies on our radically changing reality and society of today.  Ultimarker is an early demonstrator of a direct combination of AR with 3DP.

If you’re struggling with the concept in words — try watching the video below, it does a much better job of explaining the possibilities:

Source: SNDRV