3D Printers

For Every Action There is a Reaction ….

I have to admit to a rather childishly gleeful reaction of my own to this video, published today by Digital Barriers:

The video shows the ThruVision system from Digital Barriers, which reportedly offers an alternative to traditional metal detectors and can be used to screen people for objects concealed under multiple layers of clothing, and, most significantly, it is not limited to metals. Digital Barriers states that its technology is entirely passive and emits no radiation and is therefore safe for both operators and those being screened. According to the company, ThruVision has already been sold into major customs agencies and security operations overseas, as well as for force protection through the screening of potential body-borne IEDs.

And following the week that was: “Digital Barriers [has] tested the ThruVision system on a gun crafted from a similar substance to the 3D printed gun. The results can be seen in the video, with the gun clearly identifiable at 00:25 – 00:30. The weapon shown is a representation made entirely from plastic, with no metallic components- though it does NOT originate from a 3D printer.”


Thanks Shane – made my day!