3D Printing

Twinkind Adds a New Dimension to Your Next AIDA Cruise with 3D Scanning at Sea

After conquering the realm of 3D scanning on land, Twinkind moves into the open sea with its newest Specular 3D scanning booth. The Berlin-based company, one of the first to seriously propose physical photography options through photogrammetry and full-color 3D printing, has set out to prove that its new booth is as transportable as it gets, by installing one on the AIDABella Cruise ships.


AIDA guests will be able to spend their time onboard getting 3D scanned, thus adding a new physical dimension to the memories from their cruise ship vacation. The Specular booth has 200 photosensors that can capture the image of a person from all angels in just a fraction of a second, which means it is capable of capturing even fun and “unstable” poses.

The acquired digital image will be transmitted to Twinkind’s laboratory’s on land, where the lifelike full-color replicas are 3D printed and then shipped to the clients’ homes. The service is available ins several different scales, between 1:24 and 1:5, up to 35 cm in height, with the smallest model starting at €99.


The service can be pre-ordered through the dedicated MyAIDA page  and is available on all ships in the fleet, with the upcoming winter season cruises heading out to SouthEast Asia. For the company this is shaping up to be an interesting opportunity to increase revenues, considered that there may not be a better time to get oneself 3D scanned and 3D printed than during a once in a lifetime cruise vacation.

For Twinkind it is also a way to capitalise on the mobility of its 3D scanning booth, as most big players on the physical photography sector (most of whom are based in Germany) are becoming more and more aware that if consumer do not go to the 3D scanner, it is the 3D scanner that needs to find consumers at those events and locations that hold a special emotional content.