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Twikit – Custom 3D Printed Trophies

Bored of giving away the same standard trophy that everyone else uses? Twikit is a start-up, focusing on online sales of trophies and medals for any special occasion such as business events, sport competitions or award shows. Of course the output is not just any usual trophies that have been mass produced, but neatly customized using their online design tools. All trophies will be manufactured using 3D printing and sent to the customer.

A unique aspect to Twikit is the simplicity of the whole process. You can already start playing around with the design tools on the homepage, without having to click any “Start now” “Design yours” etc. buttons. The user can select from existing models and then just type in the words required on the trophy or medal. Since we now live in the social media era, the next step – naturally – is to be able to share the creation across social media channels. After the design is completed Twikit will then have it 3D printed (via i.materialise) and ship it anywhere in the world.

Twikit is a Belgian based company that was founded in 2012. The team, with a strong background in 3D printing, online services and creation, see a future where everyone is a ‘maker’. Try it out yourself at Twikit!

Twikit also works with made to order custom designs. Have a look at a Twikit case video of a trophy done for Essenscia Innovation Award 2012

twikit 3d printed award

Image credit: i.materialise