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Trick headphones blast through Kickstarter target


For generations we’ve had to make do with one-size fits all headphones. Now The Aware has blasted through its Kickstarter goal and is set to change that with a set of tricked out, custom ‘hearables’.

The human ear is a tricky shape to master and we have had to make do with headbands and rubber plugs to ensure headphones stay in. Now The Aware wants to take them to the next level with technology that measures the unique geometry of your ear to create a set that fits you perfectly.


3D printing makes it possible

Inevitably, 3D scanning and 3D printing figure heavily in the process. Each set is designed to fit snugly and potentially remain in your ears all day as you hook it up to your phone, TV and everything else.

You’ll get all of the benefits you might expect from a high end set of headphones. They include noise cancelling and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen to your music, TV or computer wirelessly and in total isolation.

They have a built-in microphone, too, so gamers will love them. You can also leave your phone on charge and simply walk around with the headphones in place.


Ambitions beyond sound

The Aware didn’t stop there, though, not at all. Parent company United Sciences wasn’t really interested in making high-tech headphones. It had far loftier ambitions from the start.



Instead it has opted to fit the kind of equipment to a set of headphones that you might not expect to see outside of a hospital. Thanks to the snug fit, The Aware can house a variety of sensors that can gather biometric data reliably and keep a close eye on your body and mood.

Sam Kellett Jr is the co-founder and CEO said: “They will make you more aware of yourself and how your mind and body responds to the environment around you.”


Headphones that get in your head

The unit captures Alpha, Beta and Delta brainwave signals. That might seem a little much at first glance.

The headphones, though, will determine when you’re relaxed, when you’re agitated, when you are focused enough to put in a long stint at work and even when you’re asleep with a series of measurements that includes your heart rate.

That makes it a useful tool for the gym, along with the calorie counter and exercise monitor, but the headphones want to analyse your entire life


Real time monitoring

It combines with an app to let you know what your body is doing in real time. So you can take positive steps and either listen to music that suits your mood, switch to guided meditation to calm you down or they can simply switch off if you fall asleep.

These headphones can even analyse your sleep patterns and let you know if you’re getting enough deep sleep. They will report back if your brain is too busy in the midnight hour or even if you’re grinding your teeth. All this information feeds an app that will splice up your life and let you know if you’re living right.

Pooling the data will allow the app to make suggestions, too, based on collective trends. There’s no mention of it yet, but the headset could even politely suggest it’s time for bed.

It has obviously struck a nerve with the public and the company has already beaten its $100,000 Kickstarter target with 26 days remaining.

So this one is happening. Early adopters, get your order in now.