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Tinkercad Wants you to 3D Print World “Tinkercup” Merchandising

It is World Cup time. That means that a new – absolutely awesome – TV spot comes out pretty much every day featuring the world’s top football stars (when it is World Cup time there is no need to differentiate with American football as no other sport will exist during the next month or so!).

It also means that anyone who wants to get attention will do so producing something – officially or unofficially – related to the World Cup. And the 3D printing community is far from immune to this World Cup fever as Rachel suggested yesterday.

tinkercad 32 qualifying 3d printing

Neither is Autodesk. The 3D modelling software giant just presented its own “Tinkercup” initiative: a series of 3D printable (or Minecraftable) designs dedicated to the 32 national teams that qualified for the final stages, set to begin in Brazil today.

The unofficial World Cup – yet official Tinkercup – 3D printable merchandise can be found on the TinkerCup 2014 Qualifying Teams page on the TinkerCad online network and currently features the Tinkercad Penguin mascots with the National Teams’ colors on their bellies. In one model they are even lined up to participate in an 11 vs 11 penguin football match, specifically the Brazil Vs Croatia opener.

brazil vs croatia tinkercad 3d printing

Registered users can download the files for 3D printing or for use in Minecraft. They can also order prints or tinker with them or create their own, tagging them with #Tinkercup2014 to post for others to enjoy. The Tinkercad team will give out prizes such as Tinkercad T-shirts, buttons and bags to the best 10 designs dedicated to the teams that make it to the final 16, and will continue to do so, intensifying as the teams get through to the Final 8 stage and onwards.

The winning country model that receives the most likes in the Tinkercad Gallery will be featured on the Tinkercad homepage and get a T-shirt with the image of the model on it. If your country actually wins it, trust me, you will not be thinking much about what you are wearing, but it will make for a great memory!