The four 3D printing experts receiving AMUG’s 2021 DINO Awards

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has presented its DINO Awards (Distinguished Innovator Operator) to four more individuals.

Announced at the recent 32nd annual AMUG conference in Orlando, Florida, the brachiosaurus-shaped awards are intended to celebrate additive manufacturing expertise, as well as years of service and contributions to the sector as a whole.

Gary Rabinovitz, AMUG chairperson and DINO Selection Committee chair, said, “This award recognizes not only experience, but also character and passion. Following a lengthy nomination and review process, the committee selected four deserving individuals from dozens of qualified candidates.”

The AMUG DINO award. Photo via AMUG.
The AMUG DINO award. Photo via AMUG.

What are the DINO Awards?

For those that aren’t familiar, a DINO Award is a symbol recognizing an individual’s contribution to the Additive Manufacturing industry. Awardees are selected based on their intent to advance either the industry as a whole, or the knowledge and skills of their fellow industry professionals. To be selected for a DINO, you must have a true passion for additive manufacturing, as well a drive to make the industry as accessible as possible.

The new DINOs have showcased their efforts both behind the scenes and in public forums, advancing industrial 3D printing technology and its ever-growing list of applications. They have all also directly contributed time and energy to making the AMUG Conference a hotspot for those seeking insights and information.

Carl Dekker, president of AMUG, adds, “AMUG’s tenet is ‘For Users, By Users,’ and its success comes from a community where individuals share their experiences to help one another. Our four DINOs have actively participated in the sharing and have volunteered for activities that build the foundation of the community and the AMUG Conference experience.”

Despite running the ceremony for 33 years, AMUG has only presented a total of 173 DINOs. There are undoubtedly hundreds deserving of the prestigious recognition, but the user group limits the awards to a maximum of ten every year, preserving their meaning and value.

The 2021 DINOs

The four industry professionals selected for this year’s DINO Awards are:

The 2021 AMUG DINOs (left to right) - Shane Collins, Robin Van Bragt, Giles Gaskell and Ana Neves. Photo via AMUG.
The 2021 AMUG DINOs (left to right) – Shane Collins, Robin Van Bragt, Giles Gaskell and Ana Neves. Photo via AMUG.

Dekker explains, “There were many candidates that had the tenure required for this coveted award. However, that is just one criterion. To be a DINO, one must also give back to the industry and support AMUG. These four individuals rose above all others because of their actions and achievements.”

A video debrief of the 2021 AMUG conference can be found on the 3D Printing Industry YouTube channel. AMUG will begin accepting nominations for next year’s DINO candidates from October 1 onwards. Alternatively, click here to see the ten DINOs presented with an award last year.

As well as providing a hub for additive manufacturing users to congregate, AMUG is an opportunity for manufacturers in the industry to present some of their most recent innovations. At the event, industrial 3D printer manufacturer Titan Robotics announced the launch of its new Atlas-HS hybrid additive manufacturing system. The system comes complete with a tool changer that works with both a pellet extrusion head and a 3-axis milling toolhead, enabling 3D printed parts to be machined during and after the printing process.

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Featured image shows the AMUG DINO award. Photo via AMUG.