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The All New Series 1 Pro 3D Printer, Available in Packages of 1, 6, or 60

At RAPID 2015, San Francisco-based Type A Machines unveiled its latest printer, the Series 1 Pro bundled with a one year license of Autodesk Fusion 360 at a relatively low price point.  What’s more is that the company also released the Series 1 Pro as a multiple of six – that is, they announced the Print Pod, a package of six Series 1 Pros that can be controlled all at once.

series 1 pro 3D printer from ype a machines

Starting with the Series 1 Pro itself, the machine is geared towards professional manufacturers, and aims to deliver lower costs per part that yield higher profits for companies. The Series 1 Pro has broad material capabilities and an enormous cubic foot build volume that gives the machine a serious edge over some traditional manufacturing machines and several other 3D printers on the market.

series 1 pro 3D printerThe Series 1 Pro features a G2 extruder, which provides precise, clog free performance and a broad material capability. The high-temp extruder works with well with Carbon Fiber PLA, IGUS, Nylon and PET + materials. Series 1 Pro also includes a heated build platform, a camera and Type A Machines’ custom slicing software. The Series is hardware and software upgradable and it is hard to beat the Fusion 360 bundle. This unique cloud software from Autodesk allows you to work from anywhere, connecting your entire product development process with a single tool.

Type A Machines is enthusiastic about the new technology, CEO Espen Sivertsen says “The Series 1 Pro offers easy set up, Wi-Fi, realtime print visualization, and an open design for instant access to the full cubic foot build platform. Powerful custom slicing software and an easy to use printer dashboard accompany a one-year license for Autodesk’s Fusion 360. We’re thrilled to offer our customers a complete professional, end-to-end, manufacturing solution.” Type A Machines is known for their service and support, and they are backing the Series 1 Pro with a one year customer warranty and unlimited support.

type a machines printpod pro 3D printers

To compound the capacity of the Series 1 Pro, Type A has also released the Print Pod, saying, “Additive Manufacturing is now faster and more affordable than injection molding in the sub 10 000 unit parts range, thanks to Type A Machines’ Print Pod system.” The Pod is packaged with support services, operator training and certification, workflow software, maintenance kits.  The Pod of six Series 1 pro 3D printers is managed via Type A’s Print Pod Control Center, for monitoring and controlling up to 60 Series 1 Pro 3D printers in one system.

Espen_Sivertsen Printpo 3D printers

This, along with 40 different material profiles for printing industrial-type materials, the company suggests, rivals traditional manufacturing with the ability to produce thousands of parts per week, utilizing the printers’ large build volumes.  At RAPID, the company displayed an entire wall of three Pro Pods, totaling 18 printers all controlled from a single screen. Sivertsen said of the new product package, “This will affect anyone in the plastics market working to improve supply chains, launching product, or providing customized goods. We’re effectively bridging a $300B gap between prototyping and manufacturing, making it faster, cheaper and less risky to go to market.” He goes on to say, “We see the overall speed of the system as a big competitive advantage. It’s possible today to build large additive manufacturing systems capable of printing a custom phone case every 30 seconds, but for the million dollar capital equipment cost of such a system, we could sell you 50 of our Pods and print a phone case every 10 seconds.

With all this to offer at a competitively low price, professional and manufacturing engineers will love all the options Series 1 Pro offers. The Series 1 Pro is available to order directly from Type A Machines website and authorized sellers.  And, if you’re looking to launch a complete 3D printing factory, you may have to look no further than the Print Pod.