3D Printing

Summer Camp for Kids – With an Emphasis on 3D Printing

The RCBI Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre is hosting two camps this summer, both featuring 3D printing technology with 3D Software Design, at 1050 4th Avenue in down-town Huntington, USA.

Camp 1 took place Monday through Thursday of last week, but don’t worry, there’s still the second camp to come. Camp 2 will be conducted 0900 to 1300 hours from Monday, July 15, through to Thursday, July 18.

“3D Printing isn’t the wave of the future, it’s happening here and now,” Charlotte Weber, RCBI Director and CEO has said. “Since 2009 dozens of manufacturers and entrepreneurs have used our Design Works labs and taken advantage of our 3D printers.“

“Now we’re thrilled to be able to offer youngsters a hands-on introduction to this revolutionary technology. Our intent is that our 3D Camps will be fun, interactive and educational, at the same time, they will foster the young participants’ interest in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – skills.”

On top of the sessions at the RCBI venue, the 3D Printing Camps will tour the Marshall University Visualization Lab, plus visit a local high-tech manufacturer to see the processes applied in industry.

The camps are open to all sixth to ninth grade students in the State area for USD$25, handily including lunch.

Source: Huntington News