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Streamlining thoracic surgery with Materialise’s Mimics planner

Additive manufacturing software developer Materialise has introduced Mimics Planner for thoracic surgery.

The company claims this platform utilizes enhanced 3D modeling to better prepare for segmentectomy and lobectomy surgeries in just a few minutes. According to the whitepaper, Mimics AI-enabled CT heart tool for heart chamber segmentation. Materialise says tasks such as manually segmenting heart chambers are time-consuming, laborious, and error-prone. By saving time and increasing accuracy, automating this procedure adds many efficiencies to an engineer’s workflow.

Materialise's Mimics Planner is designed to enhance thoracic surgery. Image via Materialise.
Materialise’s Mimics Planner is designed to enhance thoracic surgery. Image via Materialise.

Benefiting from Mimics Planner

With advanced 3D modeling that provides precise views of the lesion, its nearby anatomy, and the intersegmental planes, the software offers credible 3D insights, allowing surgeons to make better-informed judgments on the preferred resection before entering the Operating Room (OR). Surgeons can use their radar to assess anatomical variations.

Mimics Planner enables planning for surgery in minutes. Surgeons can confidently begin preparing for surgery in less time with expertly evaluated 3D visualizations of the patient’s anatomy. Surgeons no longer need to choose which cases to plan with enhanced 3D modeling. Materialise claims that the annual subscription includes all procedures, regardless of complexity.

By leveraging 3D insights, the system enables team discussions that help improve case discussions with other physicians. Another advantage of Mimics Planner is the capability to interact in 3D. To confidently plan for surgery, surgeons can exercise full control and interact with the 3D anatomy and safety margins. Surgeons can compare the 3D models to CT images using a contour overlay.

Mimics Planner quickly provides labeled segments to attain an overview of all specific sections with clear labels for each. This online tool is accessible from any device, enabling surgeons to access the plan at their fingertips in the OR.

Furthermore, Mimics Planner is compatible with non-contrast-enhanced CT scans. The software can assist in training surgeons in segmentectomies and lobectomies using virtual reality.  The online platform’s security is intended to adhere to GDPR/HIPAA regulations.

Customers can request a demo of Mimics Planner from Materialise.

Mimics Planner user interface. Image via Materialise.
Mimics Planner user interface. Image via Materialise.

Planning for surgery with additive manufacturing 

Previously, 3D Systems upgraded its Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) medical planning portfolio with novel hybrid maxillofacial surgical guides. The 3D Systems’ surgical tool allows surgeons to perform with greater precision and confidence. The guides, which were created in response to user feedback, were already being employed at the New York Center for Orthognathics and Maxillofacial Surgery to help doctors improve patient outcomes.

Furthermore, 3D LifePrints, a medical device manufacturer, received ISO certification for the quality assurance procedures that underpin its 3D printed surgical guides and anatomical models. The ‘Embedmed’ Quality Management System (QMS) employed by the company to maintain the high quality of its medical products was certified as ISO 13485:2016 compliant. After meeting the accreditation’s strict quality guidelines, 3D LifePrints continues to provide its patient-specific device line while considering a clinical portfolio expansion.

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Feature image shows Materialise’s Mimics Planner is designed to enhance thoracic surgery. Image via Materialise.