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Streamlined design-to-print workflow GrabCAD Print is now live

Today, Stratasys’ GrabCAD Print software has come out of the beta stage of development. GrabCAD Print was first announced in May 2016 as ‘streamlined design-to-print workflow’ solution. Public beta downloads were available from June of this year and so Stratasys has spent over 6 months quashing any bugs in the program.

The software is free to download, but currently only available to Windows users, along with the desktop app for GrabCAD Workbench – Print’s remote-work counterpart that allows a team member to add notes to models. GrabCAD Print is also only truly compatible with Stratasys printers, though users can request the addition to their printer’s configuration.

Features of GrabCAD Print. Image via: GrabCAD
Features of GrabCAD Print. Image via: GrabCAD

Initially set up independently in 2009, Cambridge, Massachusetts based GrabCAD were bought by Stratasys in 2014, then consisting of its Workbench app and 4-year-old Community of 3D models. GrabCAD is compatible with other CAD programs such as Solidworks, and users do not have to convert a 3D model to .stl in order to view it. This means that a whole team is no longer required to own expensive software in order to suggest amendments or keep an eye on progress. It is also cloud based, so team members can connect from anywhere on the globe.

With these base specifications, GradCAD Print is capable of printing directly from the high-res model. It’s an interesting solution to the problems facing the now dated .stl format. As we examined yesterday, MyMiniFactory have proposed an alternative solution in the MP5 format created for their beta-stage WeDesignLive platform.

Other features of GrabCAD Print include mobile monitoring, analytics, scheduling, and a ‘realistic’ print preview simulation.


Gif above shows GrabCAD print 3D print simulation, via: GrabCAD Blog

Gif above shows a Stratasys J750 printing color parts straight from GrabCAD Print, via: TCT Magazine on Youtube

Objects printed with the Stratasys SUP706 soluble support at Formnext 2016. Photo by: Michael Petch
Objects printed with the Stratasys SUP706 soluble support at Formnext 2016. Photo by: Michael Petch

Featured image shows and illustration of the GrabCad Print software, via: the company’s website.