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Strategic Alliance between Arcam and DiSanto Technology

Arcam and DiSanto Technology have announced a strategic partnership between the parties to offer Electron Beam Melting (EBM) designed and manufactured implants for medical applications. The EBM additive manufacturing process is a robust technology that has seen great success in the medical sector. This partnership will bring a wide range of customers, which typically consist of leading orthopedic and spinal implant companies, a comprehensive product application development and manufacturing capability from EBM based implants and components.

Arcam a1 machineCombining both party’s capabilities will allow them to accelerate the market adoption and penetration of EBM manufactured products, leveraging Arcam’s EBM technology and DTI’s expertise in engineering and producing finished components.

As a first step for this strategic alliance agreement, Arcam will support the expansion of DTI’s manufacturing capability for the finished products. DTI has committed to purchase two EBM systems from Arcam, which will be delivered and installed at DTI.

“This partnership with DTI is an important strategic step for Arcam. Our EBM technology has been used for manufacturing of implants in Europe since 2007, and in the US since 2010. To date some 30 000 orthopedic implants manufactured with EBM technology have been implanted worldwide. Arcam has many customers that have purchased EBM systems to develop and manufacture EBM-based product applications. Through this alliance with DTI, we will now also be able to offer existing and new customers contract manufacturing capabilities and help them commercialize new product applications. This will in turn give our customers the opportunity to more quickly and more efficiently develop products and get them to the market”, says Magnus René, CEO of Arcam.

“We are very pleased to be the manufacturing partner of Arcam.  We are excited about incorporating Arcam’s proprietary EBM technology into our manufacturing capability offering to our existing and new customers. This will enable us to help such customers in rapidly developing product applications and to commercially produce such products for them with Arcam’s cost-efficient, regulatory-cleared Additive Manufacturing technology”, says Ron Dunn, CEO of DiSanto Technology Ltd.

The two companies will exhibit together at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2013 Annual Meeting in Chicago, March  20-22nd and at the Orthopedic Manufacturing Technology Conference (OMTEC) exhibition in Chicago, June 12-13th.