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Stick Filament Introduces FFF Filament System for 3D Printers

Stick Filament is a new filament system designed for FFF 3D printers, which aims to increase the range of available colours and innovate brand new materials. With your support the Stick Filament’s Indiegogo crowdfundig campaign seeks to enable new applications for 3D printing that are currently outside of the range of a standard FFF filament spool. For example the team say that they are working on ABS V0, NYLON 66, PET, SBC and other advanced materials like Aluminum powder+PP, Wood Pulp+PP and Wax. A full range of colours will be available soon…

stick filament 3D Printing 3D PrinterStick Filament lists the features and benefits of their product as:

  • Easy: because you can load the filament in the 3D print simply avoiding any twisting
  • Comfortable: because you can have a tidy desktop
  • Technological: because Stick Filament could be produced with many different materials difficult to find in spool
  • Coloured: because you can print multi-colour objects from the same extruder
  • Cheap: because you can buy small quantities of filament even choosing from a wide range of colours
  • Wise: because you can reduce as much as possible the wasting of not used filament
  • Smart: because you can customise materials and colours on demand.

You can find out more about Stick Filament innovative filament project at their crowdfunding campaign here. I’ll leave you with their campaign video though, where the guys explain more…