Spotlight on Resin 3D printing survey

When 3D printing began in the early 1980s, it was with photopolymer resins and technology developed by Charles “Chuck” Hull. After the invention of stereolithography, Hull would go on to found 3D Systems – and almost 4 decades later the 3D printing with resin market has found applications in sectors spanning aerospace to automotive. 

We’re launching a new series looking at this cornerstone of the industry, and in the coming months will be sharing insights from experts across this sector.

To get things underway we’d like to understand more about the current materials landscape for vat photopolymerization.

If you use resin 3D printing systems or services, if you are considering using them, or even if you have decided they don’t meet your needs then we want to hear from you.

Please continue to the end of the survey and click “submit” to send us your answers.

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