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Soon to Launch PrintParts to Connect Makers and 3D Printers

PrintParts.com is a new website launching soon that hopes to act as an online forum to connect Makers and 3D Printer owners, similar to 3D Hubs. The platform, founded by Robert Haleluk, has been in development for a year and is eager to become the go-to online business networking site for 3D printing professionals and makers around the world. PrintParts.com hopes to introduce a more streamlined and efficient platform to connect people in the industry.

Haleluk developed a passion for the factory and manufacturing business at a young age. The son of factory owners who is now a maker himself, he identifies with the the need for a simple platform for manufacturers and makers to network. He explains, “Whether you run a 3D printing service or a molding plant, you’re faced with the same problem, it’s incredibly time consuming to find and develop relationships with new customers.


Haleluk continues, “I set out to build PrintParts as a way to simplify the process and provide a better place for Makers and Printers to connect and do business online. As both a Maker and a Printer myself, I tried to design a platform that our users would love to use. I think we’ve achieved that and I’m very excited to share it with everyone.

To celebrate the launch of the website, PrintParts.com is offering makers the chance to win a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer valued at $2899. The contest is easy to enter. All you have to do is visit PrintParts.com, sign up for early access and refer three friends to the site. Even if you don’t win the MakerBot, by signing up for early access PrintParts.com you will receive exclusive beta member discounts forever.


We’ve seen a lot of competitors come out of nowhere and make a huge impact.  Think Pinshape v/s Thingiverse.  I’m not saying that perhaps 3D Hubs has a shady ToS, but Thingiverse might.  There’s plenty of room for an all out fight to break out on the 3D printer network services turf in 2016.  For now though, the more the merrier.