Solid Print acquires 3D Verkstan to accelerate growth in the additive manufacturing market

Solid Solutions’ sister company Solid Print has acquired Swedish reseller 3D Verkstan.

This acquisition will enable Solid Print to extend its presence in the Nordic region and enhance the services and support it offers to customers. Solid Print operates under the ownership of Solid Solutions and is affiliated with the TriMech Group.

“There are clear synergies between 3DVerkstan and Solid Print 3D, from their incredible team, products, culture to the fantastic leadership – I believe together we can build quickly to deliver positive results, allowing the 3DVerkstan team to continue to deliver the amazing support and service to their customers,” said Neil Sewell, Managing Director of Solid Print3D

Additionally, Solid Solutions has acquired AM services provider 3DPRINTUK and is also anticipated to become a part of the TriMech Group.

Solid Print acquires 3D Verkstan. Image via Solid Print.
Solid Print acquires 3D Verkstan. Image via Solid Print.

3D Verkstan to bring additive manufacturing expertise to Solid Print

Founded in 2013, 3D Verkstan is a Swedish corporation specializing in additive manufacturing solutions. Its comprehensive portfolio encompasses 3D printers, 3D scanners, materials, and software. Catering to a diverse clientele ranging from small startups to major enterprises, 3D Verkstan serves businesses of all scales. Moreover, the company collaborates with educational institutions and government agencies in pursuit of its objectives.

Through this acquisition, Solid Print will expand its service portfolio to provide enhanced offerings and assistance to its customer base. These will include 3D printing, 3D scanning, and 3D design services. On the other hand, for 3D Verkstan, this acquisition presents an opportunity to become part of a larger and well-established organization with a global presence, according to the company.

Solid Print says both businesses share many attributes, including customer-centric values, culture, and product portfolio. This alignment enables Solid Print to contribute immediate value from the outset and facilitate a smooth transition for 3D Verkstan. It also positions Solid Print to support the future growth of 3D Verkstan effectively, says the company.

Acquisition of 3DPRINTUK expands Solid Solutions’ service offerings

The acquisition of 3DPRINTUK by Solid Solutions signifies the company’s ongoing efforts to build a comprehensive suite of services, supporting customers throughout the design-to-production process. This aligns with Solid Solutions’ broader strategy of expanding and diversifying its service offerings, “a direction that became evident” following the TriMech acquisition. 

Moving forward, 3DPRINTUK will operate as a 3D printing service team for the TriMech Group in the UK. This acquisition opens opportunities for future cooperation with TriMech’s experts in advanced manufacturing services in North America, as well as opportunities for international collaboration in deploying best practices and emerging technologies to benefit their respective customer bases.

Alan Sampson, TriMech’s Group CEO said, “Clients are seeking more depth of expertise and a single technology partner who can advise and guide them while providing products and services that influence all aspects of their business. Professional, reliable services fill clients’ gaps quickly and keep their work on track. Adding 3DPRINTUK alongside other sympathetic acquisitions enhances our ability to always bring the right mix of tools to the job.”

Solid Solutions acquired 3DPRINTUK. Image via Solid Solutions.
Solid Solutions acquired 3DPRINTUK. Image via Solid Solutions.

The additive manufacturing industry and consolidation

Chicago-based private equity firm CORE Industrial Partners acquired on-demand manufacturing services provider Phoenix Proto Technologies. The transaction was facilitated through RE3DTECH + GoProto, a 3D printing service provider and portfolio company of CORE. This acquisition represents a strategic move by CORE to further expand its AM portfolio. CORE has demonstrated its commitment to investing in the manufacturing, industrial technology, and industrial service businesses of North America’s lower middle market, with a total investment of $700 million.

3D printing material developer and distributor taulman3D was acquired by Braskem, a Brazil-based petrochemical company. Braskem has been progressively increasing its involvement in additive manufacturing, initially by utilizing the technology for in-house spare part production, and later by introducing its range of filaments two years ago. Over time, Braskem has further expanded its footprint in the industry, introducing eco-friendly materials to the market. The acquisition of taulman3D was expected to catalyze Braskem’s growth strategy, driving further “advancements in the field of additive manufacturing.”

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Featured image shows Solid Print acquires 3D Verkstan. Image via Solid Print.