SLM Solutions signs $13 million 3D printer order for 10 SLM 500 machines

Germany’s SLM Solutions has signed their largest single order to date. The contract is for 10 SLM 500 multi-laser metal additive manufacturing machines.

The deal comes via a sales channel partner in China and the company say this is the first order, “in this magnitude that SLM Solutions has received for the SLM 500 machine type.”

SLM Solutions says that the deal, “is a proof for the high demand worldwide for additive manufacturing systems suited for professional industrial applications. The machines are to be delivered to a customer in China and are to be accepted within the next 15 months.”

SLM Solutions at Formnext 2016. Photo by Michael Petch.

An important milestone

The SLM 500 multi-laser 3D printer is the largest in the range of machines made by SLM Solutions. The metal 3D printer can use up to 4 700W lasers simultaneously, this “enables production costs per manufactured component to be optimised while at the same time offering freedom of geometric design.”

Speaking about the order Uwe Bögershausen, Management Board member of SLM Solutions Group AG, said, “This order supports our growth track. It is an important milestone for further tapping the extremely important Chinese market and underscores again the benefits of SLM Solutions’ multilaser technology.”

The Chinese 3D printing market

China has an active additive manufacturing market with a mix of domestic and international 3D printer manufacturers competing. Recently HP announced a deal with Shining 3D eprint that will see 50 HP Multi Jet Fusion systems purchased by the company over the next 3 – 5 years.

Shining 3D uses a range of 3D printers at their service bureaus. The company are also the manufacturers of large format SLA 3D printers including the iSLA-650 which has a print volume of 650x600x400mm and weighs over 1000 kg.

Local industrial 3D printing companies active in the region include this year’s winners of the 3D Printing Industry enterprise level OEM of the year, Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies. Other 3D printing companies active in the region include Hunan Farsoon High-tech, ZRapid Technologies and Raycham Laser Technology.

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