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Size matters! – Come and check it by yourself with Massivit

3D Printing very large objects can easily be a daunting task, taking several days. It’s  therefore rarely an option for the makers. Massivit, an Israeli 3D Printing manufacturer developed an unique process, the Gel Dispensed Printing (GDP) to tackle this particular issue, making possible to print very large products in less than 10 hours. For example a full size standing human will only take 5 hours to print.


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How does it work?

The Massivit 3D Printer utilizes a mouvement similar to what is used in FDM systems, while working with a UV sensitive material that hardens when exposed to UV light. The Gel is filling a bucket and pumped to the head that moves along the X,Y axis to deposit the Gel that is cured by the projected light from the head. The unique and patented GDP technology requires significantly less support than the traditional FDM printing. Massivit has developed his own slicing software which comes with the machine. The Massivit 3D Printer can print object of 1.5m by 1.2m by 1.8m at a speed of 35 cm per hour, and can print 2 different objects in parallel sliced independently. Z resolution is between 1mm and 1.5mm.


The unique technology has been invented by the team of chemists and engineers led by Gershon Miller, co-founder of Massivit and a seasoned successful entrepreneur. Miller was the co-founder of Idanit, a pioneering developer of large format digital printing solutions sold to HP. He also co-founded Object,the 3D Printing manufacturer sold to Stratasys.


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See it live in action for the first time at Drupa 2016, Dusseldorf

For the first time, general public will be able to see the Massivit 3D Printer in action at the Drupa show in Dusseldorf, Hall 7a – B40, from May 1st to June 11th. During the show, anyone will be able to see beautiful and large products printed at amazing speed. From my interview with Lilach Sapir, VP of marketing, I understand that Massivit will print some unique and stunning pieces during the trade show.       



How much for the Massivit?

The Israeli based manufacturer has started shipping the Massivit 3D Printer. The first machine has been bought by a local company, while the second machine has been acquired by a Brooklyn based 2D Print Bureau at the beginning of 2016. There are currently some machines in production to fulfill current orders. Customers can expect delivery in 60 days from the date of their order. Price is in the region of $300K for the Massivit 3D Printer. Lilach explained me that the machine is helping her customer to save significant money up to 50% when compared to the current techniques used to produce large decorative objects. She also insisted on the unique advantages of the process: higher quality, ease of sharing and of customising the end products.


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What next for Massivit?

The Israeli company has spent nearly 3 years developing its first product. It received recently a significant investment from Stratasys, and the support from the Israeli Chief Scientist for

$1.5M. A representative of Stratasys will join the board. With the investment the company intends to build its sales capacity and develop further its range of GEL. Massivit is currently building its network of resellers. In order to satisfy a growing demand from customers all other the globe, Massivit has partnered with Flextronics, the global group with operations in Americas, EMEA and Asia.