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Sinterit and 3D Herndon launch Lisa SLS 3D printers in the U.S.

SLS 3D printers from Polish Sinterit are now available in the U.S. 3D Herndon, a value-added reseller based in Virginia, has become a certified distributor for the company. Now stocking the full range of Sinterit systems, peripherals and materials, 3D Herndon will offer training, service and support to customers in the region. As one of only two providers of desktop SLS 3D printers on the market, the company is poised to take a leading role in prototyping as it moves to the U.S.

Sinterit 3D printers

Sinterit currently has two 3D printers, the original Lisa system, and the newer, larger Lisa Pro, which was shortlisted for Desktop non-FFF 3D Printer of the Year in the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards

A former winner of the Formnext Startup Challenge, the Sinterit Lisa has a build envelope measuring 150 x 200 150 mm (x,y,z). For TPU compounds, this becomes a usable volume of 110 x 150 x 150 mm (x,y,z) and for polyamides/nylon it is 90 x 130 x 130. The system does not require an inert gas supply and, as such, it is as suitable for use in an office as it is in the workshop. As we demonstrated in a hands on tutorial of the original Lisa, this 3D printer is also easy to use.

Left: the original Lisa 3D printer, right: the Lisa Pro. Photo via Sinterit
Left: the original Lisa 3D printer, right: the Lisa Pro. Photo via Sinterit

Launched in May 2018, the Lisa Pro is a more advanced version of the Lisa. In the Lisa Pro, Sinterit has expanded the build envelope across the Z axis, making it 150 x 200 x 260 mm (x,y,z), with a workable build volume up to 110 x 150 x 250 mm (with TPU). In this model, the company also introduces an inert Nitrogen gas to the build area, opening the technology up to more high-performing thermoplastics. The machine also comes with open parameters, up to a max temperature of 210°C, lending itself to advanced experimentation.

Alongside its 3D printers, Sinterit also offers supplemental products for SLS. This includes the Sinterit range of powdered materials, such as flexible FLEXA Bright, PA12 Smooth, and TPE Print Ready Powder. For post processing, the company provides the Sinterit Sandblaster. A powder sieve is also offered by the company for recycling used powder for reuse inside Lisa and Lisa Pro 3D printers.

Buy Sinterit 3D printers in the U.S.

Located in Herndon, Virginia, 3D Herndon supplies a number of desktop-sized 3D printers from world-leading brands including MakerBot, Ultimaker, Dremel, Fusion3 and Lulzbot. Additionally, the company provides on demand 3D printing and scanning services, and hosts workshops and professional development classes in the technology. Its well-established customer base in the U.S. consists mainly of commercial firms, academic institutions and government agencies. 

With the addition of Sinterit systems, 3D Herndon is expanding beyond FFF technology for the first time. According to Ran Farmer, the Founder of 3D Herndon, “Because of the high quality prints and the affordable price of Sinterit 3D printers we see a big opportunity here in the U.S.”

The Sinterit Lisa and the Sinterit Lisa Pro can be bought directly from 3D Herndon now for prices starting at $9,995. 

Photos above show a selection of samples made possible by the Sinterit Lisa. From left to right: a turbine model, walkie-talkie prototype , Sinterit sample case and a red-dyed 3D printed model of kidney’s circulatory system. All photos via Sinterit.

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Featured image shows from left to right: Radoslaw Antosz, Key Account Manager at Sinterit, Sales Director Janusz Wroblewski, Herndon 3D founder Ran Farmer, JR Bontrager, 3D Modeler and Scan Specialist at 3D herndon, and Robert Garbacz, Support Manager at Sinterit.