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Shining 3D: The Leading DigiCal Company with a Vision and Big US Ambitions

Shining 3D: The Only Listed  Chinese DigiCal Company

Started in 2004, Shining 3D is a well-established and innovative manufacturer of industrial 3D scanners. The company, based in Hangzhou, China, has been listed on the Chinese OTC market since August 2014 under the stock code 830978. In this same year, Shining 3D completed its offering with the Einscan-S, an affordable 3D scanner at under $1000 USD. To reach out to its new market, it decided to run a Kickstarter campaign, which went very well. Shining 3D sold nearly 200 Einscan 3D scanners that were delivered on time, with the last units shipped in September of 2015.

shining 3D 3D scanners

Shining 3D goes beyond digital capabilities with its FDM desktop 3D Printer, the Einstart-S. The company is the only listed Chinese company that offers a full range of machines that can digitise products (Einscan 3D scanners) and make physical products from digital files (Einstart 3D printers). Shining 3D is a pure DigiCal company.

Shining 3D 3D printer line

Shining 3D: a DigiCal Innovative Company – China Style

Since its inception in 2004, Shining 3D has relied on its excellent engineering capabilities to develop industrial 3D scanners. To reach a larger market, the company is implementing an innovative open approach. As Rebecca, the Worldwide Sales Manager for Shining 3D, explained to me during an interview at the iMakr 3D printing and 3D scanning show, the company is listening carefully to the feedback from its growing user base to constantly  improve its products. According to Rebecca, the company has learned a lot from its very early adopters during the Kickstarter campaign. It learned how to listen, engage and regularly update its customers on the development of the products. By respecting and connecting deeper with its user base, Rebecca believes that Shining 3D will be able to deliver superior products: products that fit the demand, products with innovative functionality, and products with beautiful design. Rebecca made it very clear to me that the Shining 3D vision is to propose affordable, multi-functional and user-friendly 3D scanners. To succeed Shining 3D is adopting a very open approach, where the company is not shy to rely on external beta testers to improve its products.

This open approach reminds me of Xiaomi’s unique vision to compete with Samsung and Apple. As Nicole Li explained very nicely in “Innovation, China Style”, Xiaomi’s vision “is a paradigm shift, a move from technology-centric product development differentiated primarily by low prices, towards a much more to a customer-centric innovation showing deep understanding of Chinese consumers’ digital behavior.” Shining 3D is fully embracing this new paradigm: Innovation, China Style.

Shining 3D: a DigiCal Company with Big US Ambitions

einscan pro 3D scanner from shining 3D

Shining 3D will release its latest 3D scanner, the Einscan Pro, in May 2016. This product has been developed according to the company’s vision. It aims to bring a high-quality handheld, multi-functional 3D scanner which is easy to use at a fraction of the price of industrial 3D scanners, with a price starting at $3999 USD. Shining 3D CEO Mr.Li commented on the soon-to-be-available new Einscan Pro, “High quality 3D content is key to 3D printing application, that’s why we hope to provide an easy and cost effective 3D scanner available to more users.”

During the interview, Rebecca stated how the company managed to sell its products all over the world. She also explained to me that the company is now ready, with its latest product, the Einscan Pro, to significantly increase its market share in the USA. It’s becoming more common now for quality Chinese products, innovative – China Style, to become popular in the USA. It looks like Shining 3D scanners have everything to be one of these successful products: a quality and affordable product supported by a clear vision.