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Shining 3D supports the art of Scan the World

Over the last two years MyMiniFactory’s Scan the World project has collected almost five thousand digital models of sculptures and art objects, making it the world’s largest 3D printable museum. The project now covers all four corners of the globe, from the Venus de Milo at the Louvre Museum in Paris, to the open air sculptures of Russia’s Art Park Muzeon in Moscow. In recognition of this outstanding contribution to 3D scanning, Shining 3D, world leaders in 3D scanning and printing technologies, and manufacturers of the Einscan pro 3D scanner, have announced their official support of the program.

Gif showing the EinScan-Pro hand scanner. Via SHINING 3D on Youtube.

Li Tao, CEO of Shining 3D, comments:

We feel excited to support the great vision of “Scan the World”. Einscan-Pro’s task is to make professional 3D scanning technology available to anybody who’d love to create something and share with others. We believe it will help more and more people join this activity, save the art and heritage in high quality 3D digital form and share them worldwide.

It is through a shared passion for rendering the physical world digitally accessible to anyone with internet access that has finally united the two parties. Romain Kidd, the CEO of leading object sharing website MyMiniFactory, was keen to comment on this uniquely digical approach:

 This partnership will confirm Scan the World as the leading source of quality 3D printable art. We are only at the beginning of this vision for building the museum of the future. Shining 3D, through its 3D scanning technology, will help give access to the increasing number of 3D printer owners around the to world famous and unique art pieces.

Scan the World has used the Einscan Pro for many of their high profile events such as their workshop at the V&A Museum for London’s Design Festival. The high-definition captured by the scanners is clearly visible in Scan the World’s specially curated collection of models – which are all available free to download and guaranteed printable by commercially available desktop 3D printers.

All of Scan the World's 3D models are able to view and manipulated in 3D within your browser. Image via: MyMiniFactory
All of Scan the World’s 3D models are able to view and manipulate in 3D within your browser. Image via: MyMiniFactory

3DPI readers may remember seeing Scan the World and the Einscan Pro at this year’s UK Digical Show in London. If any of our readers fancy having a go at some of their own 3D scanning of local art pieces, the Einscan Pro is available to buy from iMakr here. Alternatively, if any of you have a go at 3D printing your own version of a sculpture, be sure to share it on the MyMiniFactory website, or tell us about it here.

Featured image shows detail on the Head of a Bearded Old Man. Scanned by Scan the World and the Einscan Pro. Via: MyMiniFactory