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Shining 3D partners with AGE Solutions to create new 3D digital dental software

Shining 3D, a Chinese 3D printing company, has announced a partnership with AGE Solutions, Italian dental software developers, to create a new orthodontics design software for the dental market.

This new software is based on AGE Solutions Maestro 3D Ortho Studio software package, which uses high-quality 3D patient-specific data to support orthodontic procedures.

“We are excited to team up with AGE Solutions,” said Oscar Meza, Vice President of Global Sales at SHINING 3D. “Our respective organizations follow the same principle of empowering the users by providing a powerful solution integrating both hardware and software, which is straightforward, cost-effective and user-friendly.”

A new digital dental solution

Founded in 2004, Shining 3D is the developer products including the EinScan-SP Desktop 3D Scanner, EP-M250 SLM 3D Printer, and the Geomagic Design CAD software used for medical and dental applications.

The field of orthodontics specializes in treating misaligned teeth and facial development with dental devices such as braces, headgear, and retainers.

With its range of digital solutions, Shining 3D will integrate Maestro 3D Ortho Studio software, a precise CAD software using patient-specific 3D data for orthodontics-oriented inspection and editing and analysis.

The software consists of two main macro modules including the orthodontic module (Ortho Studio) and the dental restoration module (Dental CAD). In addition, Maestro Ortho Studio includes modes such as the virtual setup, brackets placement, models builder, and clear aligner, which enables the production of optimized dental devices.

Through an open standard file format, Maestro 3D Ortho Studio also provides a streamlined workflow which includes a clinic, doctor, patient, and case database. According to Andrea Spinelli, CEO of AGE Solutions, “the goal of the partnership is to make the use of 3D technologies available for the masses,” through the integration of dental digital technologies.

EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP Desktop 3D Scanner. Image via Shining 3D.
EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP Desktop 3D Scanners. Image via Shining 3D.

Shining 3D’s expands in Europe and Asia

Last year, HP announced a partnership with Shining 3D that sought to deploy over 50 HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers at Shining 3D facilities including Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai. This Asia-Pacific expansion leveraged Shining 3D’s large clientele which includes over 10,000 worldwide.

Prior to this, 3D Printing Industry visited the opening of Shining 3D’s EMEA office in Stuttgart, Germany. During the grand opening, Shining 3D release its desktop 3D scanners, the EinScan-SE (Scan Elite) and EinScan SP for automated 3D scanning.

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Featured image shows Maestro 3D Ortho Studio software. Image via AGE Solutions.