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Sharebot unveils new fast 3D printer

On Tuesday afternoon during the AM SHOW EUROPE 2016, Andrea Radaelli, president and co-founder of Sharebot showed off their new 3D printer.

Sharebot Voyager WARP

Sharebot Voyager WARP uses the innovative WARP system developed by Sharebot R&D in collaboration with BlueCat experts: the system allows to optimize the printing process so that the needed exposure time for every single layer is reduced to just few hundredths of a second. This makes it eight times faster than other DLP 3D printers on the market. This is incredible news for the jewelry sector, as they will be able to produce a much higher volume of product in a smaller amount of time.


Thanks to WARP technology the printing speed for a model with RW-16 castable resin is increased from 10mm an hour to 100mm an hour, improving the printing process and optimizing the workflow.

The printer is a high speed professional, DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printer. It can realize high precision models faster than any other professional tool of its category. It uses an easy to cast resin custom engineered for the creation of jewellery models, made by BlueCat.

The integrated FULL HD projector strikes the printing material (resin) with a UV image. Once the resin has been hit by the ray, it solidifies. Due to the Z axis vertical movement, the process is repeated layer by layer to create the final model.

The printer management and control software is integrated: Generate support material for your model directly on your PC and transfer the print data to the printer via web connectivity, managing the full printing process with the device.

About Sharebot

Sharebot Srl is a dynamic company founded by two young entrepreneurs to design, develop and market 3D printers that are easy to use and capable of semi professional results. Founded in 2012, today Sharebot offers a third generation 3D printer that blends robustness, design and performance. With Sharebot NG the company targets professional and companies that need a solution for rapid prototyping at small prices, so that they may have at hand, in the office, a printer capable of making “proofs” quickly and with good quality, letting them rely on the more expensive professional 3D printing services only when the parts are finalized and checked against the requirements.