3D Printing

Scare Your Neighbors with a 3D Printed X1 Airsoft Gun

Kirby Downey, the Lead Designer at MyMiniFactory has 3D printed a few toy guns in his past, but nothing compared to his Rorsch X1 airsoft rifle from Battlefield 4. He’s tinkered with moveable triggers and sound effects in other models, but this model can take on even the sturdiest of cardboard boxes.

3D printed airsoft rifle myminifactory copy

Instead of using the 3D model from the game, Kirby designed the weapon himself from 2 dimensional images. This mammoth airsoft rifle uses the guts of a CM16 Raider from G&G Armaments. Kirby kept the gearbox, motor, wires, barrel and magazine to retrofit onto his X1. It is held together with “Klik” joints and, once printing is through, assembly takes no time. This is good, because print time is 125 hours.

3D printed airsoft rifle assembled myminifactory copy

Kirby has made the STL files for his design available for free at MyMiniFactory.com. Everything is printed at .2mm layer heights with extra infill for the lower receiver, so the interaction between the plastic of the receiver and the spring will not break your beautiful beast. Kirby carried over the rail system from the CM16, so that aftermarket grips and sights will fit onto the X1. So, if your looking for an intimidating, exclusive, customizable weapon for your next airsoft war, I suggest Kirby Downey’s Rorsch X1.