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Satirizing 3D Printing in “Evil 3D Printer: Doctors with Borders” from Mondo Media


Here’s an article about satire I’ve been 3D printing out of my mind for the last 5 hours!! Ok…it’s done!  Hmm. How should I market it? Think!! Ok, I think I know. Let’s see if this works.

How can I satirize an article about satire?

I know I’ll 3D print a perfect pitch and 3D print myself a larger capacity for memory.

Maybe this will work. “Guaranteed to 3D print and insert a sense of humor directly into your frontal lobe as soon as you watch it! Are these just promises based on hyperbolic hysteria and marketing!?!?  Of course not.  Facts are proven by exclamation points!!!  A 3D printer is the perfect consumer product and everyone will want one to print out oil-based plastic doodads, which is just what the world needs right now!!!!! Low-quality Doodads!!!”

See, it’s hard (for me) to satirize 3D printing without being cruel or unfunny.  Hmm.

The fact that many new 3D printing companies have exactly the same technology and basically make no improvements except for a clever or new design name that has 3D in it, or some modification of synonyms for “bot”, “shape”, “form”, “bio”, “sculpt”, and “make”.  Or both.  That’s kind of silly, if you stop and think about it. Let me try.


3D printed self-tickling funny bone in plastic or plastic (one to two colors will be available) Now just 4000$ from DoodleBotFormShapeMakeWay3D!!

Lost your sense of humor?

“Just 3D Print yourself a new funny bone and laugh-o-matic 3D diaphragm! Comes in a kit form ($30,000) or pre-assembled ($31,000)!!! Support us on kickstarter again, because this time, we’re serious!!!

I don’t really get how to do this.  Satire is tough.  Ok, one more try.

Oh, the convenience of just clicking a plastic object into existence.  Oh yes! All hail convenience and praise success no matter how it comes into existence!  But praise it good and long, especially if it’s 3D Printed, stupid!!  3D-print your praise now, with this energy-sucking beast that spews plastic smoke into the room.  But hey, that’s a nice piece of shit you just printed.  It may have failed on the 11th hour and cost 70$?  COOL!!!!!!!!!!  THAT’S NOT FRUSTRATING AT ALL I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!

Hmm.  See, it’s tough to do? Oh well, I tried.


3D printing really is about amplifying a skill you already have.  There is no easy way for consumers to do anything, but click and print, wait a very long time (compared to computers), and hope that their print doesn’t get messed up at the last minute.  If it does, then they know they have to continue to learn a new skill, which is fine.

People become amazingly adapted to what technology can do for them, and equally demanding of it.  For example, people made academic careers out of exploring the possibility of voice recognition.  Now they just expect it to work, or they really get flustered.  It’s as though we substitute technological advances for a different kind of progress, and maybe that’s worth making fun of.  Maybe.

Anyway, this video made me laugh a bit.  It’s a satire from Mondo Media, whose short, bizarre videos have over a billion views worldwide.   Amazing.

Their SEO description is the following:

“Short, viral and deadly funny! Mondo is where frowns and sadness go to die, and animated series sip champagne and eat the finest mermaid sushi. “

Others will think it is not funny.   It’s not for everyone, but I always appreciate an attempt at humor, even if it ends up being a giant miss.

It’s especially not for children.   It has disturbing images.  Enjoy or don’t!!

Disclaimer:  Everyone who works in the 3D printing industry in whatever capacity is likely familiar with some area of it that is ripe for satire.  This whole article is an attempt at humor.  Try it at home — or in the comments section! Or not.