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Renishaw Unveils EVO 3D Printing System at EuroMold 2014

At EuroMold this week, Renishaw, the UK’s only manufacturer of metal 3D printing systems, announced — and introduced — the development of its very first metal 3D printer designed and engineered in-house.  The EVO Project is the product of the company’s 40 years of experience and is capable of 3D printing production metal components.  Renishaw aired the following video at EuroMold yesterday:

The company elaborated at EuroMold, saying that the new machine has been designed for mostly hands-free powder management, a stand out feature in the world of industrial 3D printing.  Specifically, Renishaw noted to The Manufacturer that the EVO Project was built with “a strong emphasis on automation, monitoring technologies and reduced operator interaction, and is designed for single material industrial production.” Renishaw further added, “The EVO Project machine incorporates a high power 500W laser which will aid productivity while still maintaining precision and surface finish. It also boasts a class leading high capacity filtration system, a large 19” HMI user interface and intelligent workflow to further reduce the need for operator interaction.”

The EVO Project system should be available in the second-half of next year, but will not be replacing the company’s current AM250 machine, a more flexible 3D printer for manufacturing and research with a wider variety of materials, thanks to the AM250’s interchangeable hopper system. In fact, Renishaw is offering an upgrade to the AM250 system.  The PlusPac bundle enhances the machine’s Z-axis seals, chamber lighting, and gas recirculation and filtration. The EVO Project is at Euromold for visitors to get a first look and you can stop by their booth to see it and the improved AM250 system.