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RapidDirect instant quote platform improves customization from prototyping to custom manufacturing

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RapidDirect, a leading rapid prototyping company in China, is seeking to bridge the gap between physical and digital production systems for rapid prototyping and on-demand manufacturing with its instant quote platform.

RapidDirect's instant quote platform. Image via RapidDirect.
RapidDirect’s instant quote platform. Image via RapidDirect.

The company is looking to solve the current pain points of rapid prototyping, such as efficiency, pricing, lead times, and a lack of transparency in the manufacturing process, with RapidDirect’s instant quote platform, you can experience a user-friendly interface, design for manufacturing (DfM) analysis, and efficient order management.

Essentially, RapidDirect’s instant quote platform allows customers complete access to a wide range of prototyping and on-demand manufacturing services, and shortens the preparation stage from days to within a minute. Furthermore, the platform enables customers to download, manage, and edit their quotes in a single place, while shortening turnaround times, boosting efficiency, and saving costs. 

“We understand that there is currently a big gap in the rapid manufacturing space in terms of quotes,” said Leon Huang, CEO of RapidDirect. “The need to shorten the product development cycle and reduce investment risks while saving costs continues to increase by the day. The rapid prototyping industry is also marked by a cumbersome quotation process. Prototyping customers find it difficult to get price quotes of multiple manufacturers in a short period for price comparison.

“Our new online quoting system aims at bridging the gap between physical and digital production systems.”

RapidDirect’s rapid prototyping offering

RapidDirect’s rapid prototyping and on-demand manufacturing capabilities span CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication and much more. The firm has two factories located in Shenzhen which cover more than 3,000 square meters and house state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. 

CNC machining services. Photo via RapidDirect.
CNC machining services. Photo via RapidDirect.

The company ensures the quality of the parts it manufactures through the installation of a range of professional inspection equipment, including coordinate measuring machines, projectors, and height gauges. RapidDirect also boasts a strong supplier and manufacturing network to provide its customers with competitive prices and fast delivery, and offers 24/7 technical engineering support. 

Injection molding services. Photo via RapidDirect .
Injection molding services. Photo via RapidDirect .

The company provides rapid prototyping services for clients in a whole host of industries, ranging from aerospace and automotive to medical and consumer goods. The firm is also ISO 9001:2015 certified for its management system, which ensures its products and services meet both regulatory requirements and those of its customers. To complement this, RapidDirect’s team of 10 quality inspection personnel, 10 technical engineers, and 15 sales engineers, are on hand to assist manufacturers with their orders.

RapidDirect’s rapid prototyping and on-demand manufacturing capabilities are competing with the likes of global manufacturing marketplace Xometry and online manufacturing platform Hubs, which was recently acquired by on-demand digital manufacturing provider Protolabs. Like these companies, RapidDirect is seeking to democratize and streamline the on-demand manufacturing process for its customers by providing a one-stop-shop for their rapid prototyping and mass production needs. 

RapidDirect’s Instant Quote platform. Image via RapidDirect.
RapidDirect’s Instant Quote platform. Image via RapidDirect.

RapidDirect’s instant quote platform

RapidDirect launched its instant quote platform in June this year, pitched as one of the first-ever platforms to offer instant quotes for multiple prototyping services. Customers can select from four major manufacturing services – 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding – to bring their prototype designs to fruition. 

Based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the platform analyzes the design data of uploaded CAD files and then automatically generates a quote from which customers can place orders. The instant quoting engine allows manufacturers to receive quotes at any time of day, and gain immediate access to all of RapidDirect’s prototype machining services.

The data-driven platform shortens the preparation stage of the prototyping process from days to less than a minute, allowing designers and manufacturers alike to upload their designs and choose from a range of suitable manufacturing options. From this, customers can instantly receive real-time information regarding price, materials, and finish options, enabling them to order various parts more quickly and freeing up engineers for other manufacturing projects. 

Using RapidDirect’s instant quoting system, users are able to download, manage, and edit multiple quotes in one place, and are provided with lead times and bulk prices upfront. Customers can also compare the prices of different materials and technologies in order to make faster and more informed design decisions.

Additionally, users no longer need to log into multiple tracking systems in order to place or monitor their orders, as they can do this all within the instant quote platform. 

Besides, the platform integrates automated DfM feedback into each rapid prototyping workflow, allowing users to easily make adjustments to their order at any point during the process. The automated DfM analysis feature helps to ensure better production design, faster turnaround time, and, ultimately, higher quality products.

RapidDirect automatic DfM feedback. Image via RapidDirect.
RapidDirect automatic DfM feedback. Image via RapidDirect.

Through the platform, customers are kept up to date with the progress of their order by automated email notifications at each stage of production, right up to delivery. The all-in-one order management feature provides users with real-time order tracking at their fingertips, while delivering transparency throughout the manufacturing process. 

Essentially, RapidDirect’s instant quote platform removes the outdated and tedious back-and-forth file exchange process and long-winded email chains, and replaces these processes with a faster, simplified ordering experience. As a result, manufacturing lead times are significantly shortened and overall customer experience is improved. 

In fact, RapidDirect claims that manufacturers could save up to 30 percent of their budget by using the instant quote platform, and increase their efficiency by up to a third. 

New customers to RapidDirect’s instant quote platform are currently able to receive 15 percent off their first orders until 20th October 2021, using the coupon code RD3DIND. Customers can get an instant quote here.

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Featured image shows RapidDirect’s instant quote platform. Image via RapidDirect.