Profi3DMaker – a New 3D Printer From Czech Republic

Another day, another new 3D printer. Today’s applicant is the FFF based Profi3DMaker from the Czech company 3D Factories, their second attempt at building the perfect creating machine. Standing at 35kg (77lbs) weight class, the all-metal machine that produces ABS or PLA prints sure looks the part and has good specs to go with the sturdy, fully closed exterior: it has a heated bed, maximum speeds of 80mm/230mms for printing and free movement respectively, a large build area of 400mm x 260mm x 190mm and an accurate 0.08 resolution. 3D Factories has also created its own 3DP modelling software G3DMaker, which comes bundled when buying the Profi3DMaker. And the pricing? The resellers’ prices may vary slightly in different markets, but for example in Sweden its price tag is a hefty €3,900.

Profi3DMaker 3D Printer

The company’s portfolio contains another 3D printer, the previously launched Easy3DMaker, which is a smaller version of the Profi3DMaker. The only differences are the Easy’s slightly smaller print area with 200mm x 200mm x 230mm and its only semi-closed frame. It’s price tag is also significantly lower at approx. €2,330 for the model with the heated bed, so Profi3DMaker’s extra inches do come at a price for the go big 3DP crowd.

Source: 3D Factories