PrintLab encourages humanities 3D printing with new Classroom portal

PrintLab International, a 3D printing reseller and distributor based in the UK, has launched PrintLab Classroom, an online portal featuring 3D printing creative projects, workbooks, tutorials and teacher training guides. 

With the platform, the company aims to help “prepare the next generation” for their future careers and provide teachers with “engaging” content for use in the classroom.

A classroom workbook provided to teach 3D printing. Photo via PrintLab.

Integrating 3D printing into the curriculum

Noticing a gap in educational 3D printing, PrintLab Classroom aims to inspire students and teachers from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) subjects and beyond to adopt technology into lessons.

The company, which has previously taken part in charitable and educational 3D printing initiatives across the world, especially hopes to reach out to teachers of core subjects such as geography, history, and languages.

Hands-on projects

The portal currently features 12 subscription access projects for classes. In one project, PrintLab offers the resources for Economics students to make a 3D population graph. In another, Geography students can learn how to make their own contour model.

Supplementary information is also available, including an introduction to 3D printing, learning criteria, student workbooks, video guides and tutorials for Tinkercad, SketchUp and Meshmixer.

Learning Criteria for 3D printing. Photo via PrintLab.
Learning Criteria for 3D printing. Image via PrintLab.

Countering the widening skills gap

PrintLab Classroom is also available for libraries, maker-spaces, STEM clubs, parents, and hobbyists. Subscribers receive 12 months access to the lesson portal, with new projects added every 2 months.

“Additive manufacturing is exponentially growing and is a vital tool across a range of industries,” explained PrintLabs co-founder Jason Leung. “This means we must prepare the next generation for their future careers by addressing the widening skills gap.”

On the need to train teachers in the technology, Leung explained that the lesson package was itself developed alongside teachers, who “require an easy to use, an engaging solution which makes their challenge of inspiring young people possible.”

Printlab is currently offering free trial lesson plans on its website.

Classroom Presentations for PrintLabs. Image via PrintLab.
Classroom Presentations for PrintLabs. Image via PrintLab.

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Featured image shows a range of projects from PrintLab Classroom. Image via PrintLab.