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Print3DHero Has Your Gold Medalist in Podium Form Thanks to Shapeways

3D Printing sochi Figures

Print3DHero is offering Sochi gold medalist figurines courtesy of Shapeways and available for home delivery. They captured gold on ice and snow and now their likenesses can be in warmer climes of an adoring fan. Interestingly, the catalogue has started before the winners have all stood on the podium and heard their national anthem. Therefore, Print3DHero updates the available models almost daily as the medal count continues.

One of the best features of the catalogue is the diversity. Yes, all the models are of gold medalists, but they are not limited to the American champs. Clients can browse for athletes from any country. The Marit Bjøren fan in Chile can make that purchase and have a roughly 15 inch version of the cross-country champion.

Each pose is carefully modelled by fine-tuned artists and accurately reflect the podium pose and jubilation of each winner. Complete with puffy jackets and beanies, the frost emitting from their breath can be easily imagined. Print3DHero has Shapeways to thank for the ability to 3D print quality figures by these sculptors. Modelled for exactness, accuracy can be found even in the clothes worn. The accuracy brings to likeness not just the athlete in the throes of triumph; it also brings that sensation home.

(Though unrelated, this sport in particular is something that fascinates me and I don’t even know how you learn or practice for this. It is insane)