A preview of 3D printing at the 2017 TCT Show

This time next week Birmingham NEC in the UK will be jam packed full of over 250 exhibitors from all across the 3D printing industry. The TCT Show is a free event open to anyone with an interest in 3D printing technology.

The show is the perfect opportunity to check out the latest software, materials and hardware from metal 3D printers to polymers and 3D scanning.

Ahead of the event, running from 26th through the 28th September 2017, we give a sneak preview of what to expect from exhibitors including Formlabs, SLM Solutions, Sharebot, RangeVision, Laser Design, Desktop Metal, 3Dealise, Nano Dimension, Additive Industries, McLaren Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Trumpf, Arcam and EOS.

Snippet of the TCT 2017 floorplan. Image via TCT Show
Snippet of the TCT 2017 floorplan. Image via TCT Show

New machines

SLM Solutions will be highlighting the SLM 280 2.0 system with applications from CA Models – an industrial grade prototyper for aerospace, medical oil and gas industries, and Formula 1 cars. An upgrade of the previous 280 machine, the SLM 280 2.0 is capable of producing parts at a rate up to 80% higher than its predecessor.

The Fuse 1, Formlabs’ entry into selective laser sintering (SLS), will feature heavily in the company’s exhibiton alongside new materials developed for the Form 2 SLA 3D printer. Eduardo Torrealba, Lead Engineer of SLS at Formlabs, will also be giving a presentation on the Fuse 1 on the Product Stage on Thursday the 28th.

Ski goggles SLS 3D printed on the Fuse 1 and still in the powder bed. Photo via Formlabs
Ski goggles SLS 3D printed on the Fuse 1 and still in the powder bed. Photo via Formlabs

Small Italian 3D printing firm Sharebot will be presenting the fruits of its latest research and development cycle, showing the 3Delux DLP 3D printer for dentistry, and the Sharebot Q XXL for FDM 3D printing on a build plate of 705 x 250 x 200 mm.

3D scanners measure-up

RangeVision, a company that specializes in the development of structured light 3D scanners, will be showing two new devices for digitization and quality control at TCT 2017. The Pro 2M is the firm’s versatile device capable of viewing four different scan zones, and the Spectrum is designed to hit a semi-professional metrology market.

RangeVision's Pro 2M tripod 3D scanner. Image via RangeVision
RangeVision’s Pro 2M tripod 3D scanner. Image via RangeVision

Laser Design Inc. also joins 3D scanning exhibitors with a demo of its CyberGage360 inspection system. C. Martin Schuster, President and CEO of Laser Design, describes the system as “an unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy and one-button simplicity for non-contact 3D scanning inspection,” adding that “Our customers appreciate the significant value of a streamlined process that takes seconds rather than hours or days.”

Industrial and desktop developments

In a UK first, Nano Dimension and Worcestershire’s Anglo Production Processes Ltd. will introduce the DragonFly 2020 3D printer for 3D printed electronics to the British market.

London’s 3Dealise has been working with Arup, the engineering firm famous for building Sydney Opera House, to reduce the cost of producing steel nodes used in construction. Produced in their thousands to form larger strutures, 3Dealise has helped Arup realise a hybrid machining process for the nodes that reduces cost by 90%. A copy of the component will be on display the booth.

Architectural node hybrid machined by engineering service provider 3Dealise for Arup. Photo via 3Dealise
Architectural node hybrid machined by engineering service provider 3Dealise for Arup. Photo via 3Dealise

Dektop Metal’s machines are also on display at TCT UK for the first time, and Photocentric high resolution LCD 3D printers has upgraded to the biggest booth to date.

Speaker preview

Additive Industries, visited by 3D Printing Industry in March 2017, is presenting as a finalist of the TCT Technology Innovation Award.

With a materials focus Nora Touré, Business Development Director at Sculpteo, will be leading a #3DTalk panel at 3:15 on Tuesday 26 September. The discussion features speakers from LPW Technology, Carbon, Added Scientific and DSM Somos

Key note speakers include adidas Vice President of Technology Gerd Manz, Sam Onukuri head of the Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing Center of Excellence and McLaren Racing COO Simon Roberts.

The FUTURECRAFT 4D sneaker from adidas's with a 3D printed midsole from adidas's Speedcell concept.
The FUTURECRAFT 4D sneaker with a 3D printed midsole from adidas’s Speedcell concept. Image via adidas

Metal additive highlights

Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) and Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) specialists Trumpf will be introducing its TruPrint 3D printing platform at TCT, in conjunction with the TruPrint 1000 multi-laser machine.

Concept Laser will be exhibiting alongside GE Additive, with partners Arcam AB and AP&C just around the corner.

EOS will be exhibiting 3D printed precision jewelry, including an 18 karat gold  bracelet, produced in collaboration with Cooksongold.

Our journalists will be reporting live from Birmingham throughout TCT 2017. If you’d like to say hello at any time, send us an email in advance or tweet us @3Dprintindustry on Twitter. We hope to see you there!

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Featured image shows visitors at TCT 2015. Photo via TCT.