Codex event brings world’s top 50 innovations from the industries of the future to London

Next week over 800 CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and media, from across the world will meet in London for one of the most significant conferences on innovation in 2017.

3D printing will of course play a prominent role.

The Codex World’s top 50 innovations from the industries of the future brings together the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are building the “Industries of the Future”, to better understand where new wealth will be created, whilst also examining the impact on the economy and society.

3D Printing – an industry of the future

The first day of the event includes a discussion about how 3D printing is manufacturing the future. Visitors to can expect answers to questions such as why is 3D printing an industry of the future?

“Recently, we have seen the demand for customised parts for individuals intensify. Additive manufacturing excels in its ability to do this, and does so far better than traditional methods. As future industries form, 3D printing will be a necessary part of meeting these demands,” says Amos C. Breyfogle, Senior Engineer, EMEA, Stratasys.

Breyfogle will be speaking on the theme of How do we get more from additive manufacturing, at next week’s event.

Filippo Moroni, CEO, ONO 3D, will also be present, delivering a talk entitled, “Could dissemination of 3D printing lead to a renaissance in design, engineering and innovation?”

Moroni says, “We are only starting to see the full scale of what 3D printing can do, and it will only continue to grow. 3D printing allows you to create forms and designs that are not possible with any other type of machining. Additive manufacturing also allows for more targeted manufacturing, resulting in less material waste and lower energy consumption.”

Stratasys’ Breyfogle adds, “During this event we will explore how to get more from additive manufacturing.”

One of the major hurdles with any new manufacturing technology is how to properly design for it. Additive manufacturing is no different in that regard. In the spot between traditional part design and the desire to create ‘anything’, lies the power to revolutionise manufacturing. My talk will look at why people design the way they do, and how we can start to change that.

Continuing the theme, Moroni adds that the “Two major roadblocks to the diffusion of 3D printing technology are the cost of the technology and the steepness of the learning curve to use it.”

3D printing experts from EOS, Apis Cor and Magna Parva will also deliver presentations to the attendees.

Insights from Oxford University, NASA, Intel, Rolls-Royce and McLaren

Other speakers at the 3-day event include:

Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Big Data Expert, Master of Jesus College

Amir Khusrowshahi, Chief Technology Officer, Artificial Intelligence, Intel

Dr Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist, NASA

Michael Cervenka, Head of Future Technologies, Rolls-Royce

Caroline Hargrove, Technical Director, McLaren Formula 1

As Amos C. Breyfogle from Stratasys explains, “There are many technologies that have a great synergy with additive manufacturing.”

“For me, the most interesting are space technologies. Additive manufacturing has the ability to take a raw material into space, or other dimensionally limited areas, and determine what that material should become. The same material could become a wrench, a door handle, a sink, or even a garden gnome!”

The ONO 3D CEO says, “Virtual reality definitely has a large overlap with 3D printing technology. Virtual paintings and sculptures created using VR setups can then be printed in smaller scales or eventually full size to be put on display.”

In addition to the talks, 3D printing specialist iMakr will be demonstrating a range of additive manufacturing solutions, including the newly announced ORLAS CREATOR metal 3D printer.

3D Printing Industry is the official media partner of the event and will be reporting from the show.

The Codex World’s top 50 innovations from the industries of the future takes place at the BT Auditorium in central London on 27th, 28th and 29th September 2017.

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