Phillips Corporation launches additive manufacturing training services for Federal facilities

Phillips Corporation, a Maryland-based supplier of industrial machinery solutions, has launched an additive manufacturing training service for federal facilities called MyAM.

The company, who offers 3D printing systems from EOS and Optomec, recently welcomed Howard Marotto, a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Colonel, to its Business Development team. Marotto has experience in implementing additive manufacturing technologies into the Marine Corps.

“With MyAM, customers will be able to move from ideation to creation and prototype to production safely, efficiently, and rapidly,” said Marotto. “This will enable increased productivity, performance, and innovation in ways previously unachievable with traditional training tools and manufacturing techniques.”

An engineer inside the Phillips Corporation facility. Photo via Phillips Corporation.
An engineer inside the Phillips Corporation facility. Photo via Phillips Corporation.

The MyAM Program

Founded in 1961, Phillips Corporation provides CNC, and more recently, additive manufacturing machines as well as educational and application training. The company is currently partnered with EOS to provide federal customers with such hardware and services. This includes the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis and M 400-4.

The newly established MyAM program offers custom training for federal facilities. The company maintains a “learn by doing” approach which aims to help its customers understand industrial 3D printing on-site. The program is broken down into a range of courses based on the customers’ competencies (i.e., beginner to expert).

Following the training, Phillips Corporation will provide materials and preventative maintenance for its customers’ systems. Tie Siemers, an additive manufacturing application engineer at Phillips Corporation, added:

“Being able to understand the user’s business goals enables us to advise them on processes that will best fit their facility and their previous knowledge on additive. MyAM is revolutionary for our users and will provide them with the tools they need to stay ahead of the manufacturing industry.”

According to the company, this technology is revolutionizing manufacturing for rapid prototyping, complex production, low-cost customization, functional optimization, and light-weighting. This has been frequently demonstrated in both the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) and Navy operations.

The EOS M 400-4 system at the center of the pilot production. Photo via EOS.
The EOS pilot production chain at Premium AEROTEC in Varel, northern Germany. Photo via EOS.

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Featured image shows an engineer inside the Phillips Corporation facility. Photo via Phillips Corporation.