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Peopoly launches new Phenom Forge 3D printer: technical specifications and pricing 

Hong Kong-based 3D printer manufacturer Peopoly has launched a new production-grade system: the Phenom Forge. 

Powered by an all-new 6K LED light engine, the Phenom Forge is said to be capable of printing parts at pace, while achieving excellent levels of resolution and UV light efficiency. Given that the system also has UL certification, allowing for its usage on factory floors, Peopoly says it’s “ideal for small-batch manufacturing,” particularly in workshops or labs where understated productivity is key. 

Peopoly’s 3D printing portfolio 

Since it was founded in 2016, Peopoly has built up a reputation for producing robust ‘MSLA’ 3D printers, in which resins are selectively exposed to LEDs masked by an LCD. According to the firm, its ‘LCD+LED’ approach is much faster than normal SLA when it comes to printing large objects or high quantities of small parts, as entire layers can be cured at once.

Since launching the Phenom in 2019, the firm has integrated this technology into each of its new machines, while building them with varying specs to meet the different needs of its user base. The Phenom L, for example, features a build plate design that facilitates much larger prints, while the throughput-oriented Phenom Noir is specifically built for speed, and is said to be 80-100% faster than the original. 

Since 2020, Peopoly has scaled the capabilities of its machines even further, with the launch of the Phenom XXL, a 527 x 296 x 550mm unit geared towards higher-end professional users. This was followed by the release of the Phenom Prime last year, a resolution-focused machine, packing all-new hardware, designed to enable users to make the leap from 4K LCD to 5.5K HD 3D printing in small batches. 

The high-contrast 450nit 6K monochrome panel on Peopoly's Phenom Forge 3D printer. Photo via Peopoly.
The high-contrast 450nit 6K monochrome panel on Peopoly’s Phenom Forge 3D printer. Photo via Peopoly.

The production-grade Phenom Forge 

With a 288 x 162 x 350mm build volume and robust dual-rail z-axis design, Peopoly’s latest 3D printer has the capacity to meet the low-volume production needs of manufacturers and makers alike. These credentials are only strengthened by the machine’s new high-contrast 6K panel, which thanks to its parallel LED light array, is said to be twice as quick as comparable units while using 50% less energy.

The Phenom Forge’s UV efficiency means that it requires less cooling as well, hence it’s lighter and produces less fan noise than would otherwise be the case, potentially making it an ideal office companion for designer or small-scale business users. 

In terms of the system’s build area itself, it comes with a vat that can be set at a resin temperature of 25-35°C via direct heating, allowing adopters to tweak this setting for optimal material performance. Additionally, given that the Phenom Forge features a single-piece CNC machined build plate, it’s also likely to be much easier to remove and clean, especially compared to perforated alternatives. 

Elsewhere, when it comes to customization, the machine features easy-to-remove panels on all sides in addition to 2020 extrusion frames. As a result, the Phenom Forge is perfect for mounting peripherals on, or tailoring to meet the needs of certain users. Those in workshops with ventilation requirements, for instance, could install an air duct vent, while users in cold environments can add heater units. 

Lastly, on the usability front, rather than running on a Chitu board, the unit operates using Peopoly’s all-new Vlare Core board, potentially providing users with better processing and Wi-Fi, as well as an open file format. This, in turn, could allow adopters to use networking peripherals like night vision cameras for print monitoring or Fiberpunk’s Nexus software for managing multiple systems, extras the company says, “make running a Forge print farm less time-consuming.”

Peopoly's new Phenom Forge 3D printer. Image via Peopoly.
Peopoly’s new Phenom Forge 3D printer. Image via Peopoly.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for Peopoly’s Phenom Forge 3D printer. The machine is available for pre-order now, and those who do can benefit from a price discount. While the standard unit retails at $1699, pre-orderers can buy it for just $1299 for a limited time, with shipping expected to begin by mid-May 2022. 

Panel 5448 x 3064 (UHD) (6k)
Print Volume 288 x 162 x 350mm
Pixel Pitch 50um
Aspect Ratio 16:09
UV Light Power75W
Printer Size685 x 685 x 475mm
Vat Volume2.5kg
Print Layer Thickness20-100 microns
Power consumption110-240V, 50-60MHz
Print Connection Ethernet, USB
Weight40 kilograms

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Featured image shows Peopoly’s new Phenom Forge 3D printer. Image via Peopoly.