PENROSE — An Open Research Programme from TNO

‘Penrose’ is an open research consortium based on the premise of sharing information with a view to facilitating the rapid adoption of Additive Manufacturing. Initiated and launched by TNO, based in the Netherlands, last week a key mission of the Penrose programme is stated as providing “a unique innovation eco-system” for members by supplying them with AM resources while allowing them to collaborate on the development of materials, processes and equipment for successful AM adoption, uptake and application.

TNO’s facility in Eindhoven will be the central research hub for Penrose and to date more than forty scientists, engineers, program managers and designers have joined the program.

According to Arnold Stokking, Managing Director at TNO: “At TNO our mission is to connect people and knowledge to create innovation and sustain competitiveness. As with our mission, the Penrose program connects experts across the entire Additive Manufacturing value chain to promote co-creation in its purest form.”

The open nature of the Penrose initiative means that new partners are allowed to enter the program at any time and will be able to access relevant TNO background IP and will receive co-ownership or licences on IP generated in a specific program line through participation.

Through careful partner consideration, Penrose aims to connect industry experts from the manufacturing value chain in a collaborative environment to inspire creativity and lower the risk of Additive Manufacturing development through research and for commercialization. The programme is international in its scope and open to multinationals and SMEs. Penrose is divided into several Technology Programs and Application Programs that cover specific market segments and technologies identified through a series of interviews with industry leaders. Each program has a roadmap that is aligned and steered by the Penrose partners. Within each program, partners actively participate to define the program plan, elements, objectives and timeframe. Partners can choose to participate in multiple programs or limit participation to just one program.

Source: TNO